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It appears that Eveliza is a type of cereal that was developed by Dr. Oscar Vargus-Machuca. It appears as though it may have been developed with the type of people in mind that have a very low nutritional intake. In this review we will go over the information that has been made available to us so that we may determine if this product can really be beneficial to you in your weight loss journey.


While we were researching this product there was what seemed to be a list of ingredients that may be contained in this cereal. This list appears to contain ingredients such as Wheat Germ, Wheat Bran, Quinoa Extract, and Seaweed Extract.

Product Features

It is believed that the Wheat germ may be used in this product in order to provide the protein that is needed. Wheat Bran is what is believed to give you the amount of fiber that is needed. Quinoa provides the body with essential amino acids. Seaweed Extract is a good source of Iodine.

It appears as though Dr. Oscar Vargas-Machuca has created a cereal for people that may not get enough nutrition in their normal diets. It is supposed to help your body to regenerate cells and boost your metabolism. It is meant to be eaten once in the morning and once in the evening so that it will deliver the intended effects on your body. It has been noted that when you use this product that you can be rest assured that it is manufactured in an organic certified facility, 100% organic, contains no sugars, no caffeine, no artificial flavors and colors, and no cholesterol. It is meant to be a way to activate your metabolism so that your weight loss attempts may be more effective.

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  • It seems as though this product may contain all natural ingredients.
  • Appears to be 100% organic.
  • Contains 100% nutrients that are need for the body.
  • It is clear on exactly how you should consume this product.


  • This appears to be expensive for a box of cereal.
  • It appears as though it does not contain any fat burners.
  • This product may not contain any appetite suppressants.


It appears as though this may be a good product that could possibly aid you in your weight loss journey. However, this product may not be bale to deliver the desired results by itself. It has often been recognized that when you are on a weight loss journey that you may be able to increase your chances of reaching your desired weight if you use a product that has been proven in clinical studies and patented and a fat burner so that you may get the most out your weight loss attempts.

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    Angel Sotomayor

    4 yrs. ago i had open heart surgery (grafX3 aortic valve repalcement. Can I use this product safely?


    Antonio Gonzalez

    These product is a food that provides all necessary nutrients to the cell, and has high bioavailability. It works by regenerating your organs by providing nutrition to cells. If your organs are functioning as they should, you will regain your health.