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A good workout routine and healthy diet are great when you’re at home, but if you have to travel a lot, it’s not very convenient to maintain a steady exercise regimen. Everlast makes a portable exercise fitness band that’s good for people who travel. It’s basically a heavy-duty rubber band with handles and a safety strap.

The Everlast Fitness Band fits easily into luggage or a backpack for workouts on the go. It doesn’t require much room: just enough space for you to extend your arms and legs.

This fitness band retails around $8.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable: this is equipment, not a supplement.

Product Features

The Everlast Fitness Band is like many other fitness bands on the market. It consists of two handles connected by a strip of heavy rubber. There is a safety strap to prevent it from coming off of the ankle or wrist and causing injury.

The band is printed with several diagrams for different exercises for the user. This makes it easy to use while traveling: it doesn’t require a manual/book or memorized instructions.

According to the reviews, this fitness band seems to be about medium tension and length – just what you’d expect for a “one size fits all” piece of equipment. Stronger reviewers often write that it’s too weak; shorter reviewers note that it’s a little too long for them to maintain tension. While this isn’t a muscle building tool, it would probably make a good toning exercise for most users.

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  • The Everlast Fitness Band is affordable. Eight dollars is less than almost any other supplement or equipment.
  • The band is portable and convenient for frequent travelers or people who don’t have room for larger equipment.
  • Physical exercise is an oft-neglected part of weight loss.


  • Some reviewers complained that this band broke quickly.
  • Though this is simple exercise tool, it may not be very effective for everyone since it’s only medium tension.
  • The fitness band does not address proper diet.
  • Since this is equipment, it does not use any thermogenic supplements.
  • The Everlast Fitness Band is not a unique product; several companies make similar products.


The Everlast Fitness Band would probably be helpful for people who are traveling a lot and want to maintain a light workout routine. However, for any one who is serious about weight loss or muscle building, this might not be the best choice. At best, it provides a simple toning program, but it does not deal with diet or supplements. If you’re looking for a really effective weight loss help, this fitness band probably won’t meet your needs.

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