Everlast Folding SitUp Bench Review

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The Everlast Folding Sit-Up Bench is also known as the Everlast Folding Sit-Up Bar. The product sells from Everlast for $20. The bar attaches to any door and support feet for the purpose of completing sit-ups. Sit-ups may help strengthen abdominal and back muscles, but the effect is hidden if the user needs to lose weight. Fat tends to collect between the skin and abdominal muscles, so weight loss is required before that six-pack is visible. The official website supports online ordering. There is a section for testimonials or reviews, but none are listed for the Everlast Folding Sit-Up Bench.

List of Ingredients

Folding sit-up bar.

Product Features

There is a huge misconception in regards to abdominal fitness. The abdominal muscles lie just under the skin. When a dieter is 10, 20, 30 pounds or more overweight, these muscles are often hidden from view. No matter what a fitness company promises, these abdominal muscles will remain hidden until the user loses that extra weight.

The Everlast Folding Sit-Up Bench is a convenient piece of fitness equipment that holds the feet in place while users perform a crunch or sit-up. The unit attaches to any door, we assume on the bottom edge. If the door is very close to the floor, the bracket may not slide in place. Foam protects the door and cushions the foot bar, though the picture on the official website does not show foam on the door bracket.

Sit-ups and crunches may be good for some dieters, but proper form is required to prevent neck injuries. Placing the hands behind the neck to perform a sit-up pulls the neck into an unsafe position. This can cause neck pain and damage. Trunk twists and leg lifts achieve the same abdominal workout without straining the neck.

We found no warranty information on the official Everlast website, nor did we find a money-back guarantee from the company. If the dieter does not like the unit or finds it does not fit under the doors in the home, it appears they are stuck with the purchase.

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  • Holds feet in place during sit-ups.
  • Available on the Everlast website.


  • Sit-ups can cause neck injury when not performed properly.
  • The price is a bit steep for a foot holder.
  • Sit-ups will not increase metabolism or weight loss.
  • Dieters need to slim the midsection before focusing on toning abdominal muscles.


The Everlast Folding Sit-Up Bench stores easily and costs less than other abdominal equipment, but it does not support the neck. Neck injuries are common with sit-ups and crunches. Dieters may find trunk twists and leg lifts easier to perform with reduced risk of neck injuries in the process.

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