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Think about working out – what comes to mind? I hear “The Eye of the Tiger” and see Sylvester Stallone running through Philadelphia. He is sprinting, doing push-ups, and most importantly, boxing. A prime example of physical fitness and strength, Rocky stands as a lean, mean fighting machine. Boxing is a great way to get in shape and stay in shape. It combines aerobics with muscle building and speed training.

Everlast is a boxing equipment manufacturer. Since 1917, Everlast has been making headgear, gloves, and other boxing products. Boxing champions like Jack Dempsey and Sugar Ray Robinson have trusted Everlast for their boxing needs.

Since 1917, Everlast has expanded their product line significantly. Not only do they sell gloves, headgear, and punching bags, they also manufacture athletic clothing, work-out accessories, and nutrition products.

List of Ingredients

This varied. Of course, equipment has no ingredients, but the Everlast nutrition products line includes various supplements, energy bars, and vitamins. Ingredients vary by product and Everlast’s website has information about specific products.

Product Features

Everlast has a broad product line with items available for most exercise needs, not just boxing. Their apparel line includes shirts, pants, hats, and jackets. Everlast accessories include gear bags, headbands, socks, gloves, and punching bags. Their nutrition products include energy bars, energy shots, and supplements for various aspects of working out, like focus, recovery, and energy.

Everlast products can be ordered from the Everlast website. They’re also available in most online fitness retailers and in many popular fitness stores like Sports Authority and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Because of their name brand recognition, Everlast products are typically premium-priced, but they’re built to last and that quality often makes it worth the extra dollars.

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  • Physical exercise is one of the biggest contributing factors to weight loss.
  • Everlast equipment is available in many convenient stores.
  • Everlast products are high quality and durable.
  • These products are varied enough to cover most work-out needs, not only boxing.


  • A fitness routine using Everlast equipment requires hard work and time commitment and may not be easy for people with busy schedules.
  • Everlast equipment isn’t overly specialized (unless you’re a boxer).
  • Everlast supplements don’t mention thermogenic fat burners or similar ingredients.
  • These products aren’t advertises specifically as “weight loss” products, so there are no before/after testimonials or guarantees.


If you want to start a boxing work-out routine, Everlast is a good place to start. They’re industry leaders in boxing equipment and have built a reputation on quality. They are flexible and also offer equipment for athletes who don’t box.

If you’re very busy and don’t have a lot of time to devote to a gym or health center, or if you’re looking for actual weight loss dieting products, Everlast isn’t exactly what you need.

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    Why on the box of the Everlast Super Sweat Hooded Sauna Suit there is a warning that this products cause cancer and other problems?