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Everlax is a product that claims to reduce inflammation and increase weight loss. The ingredients in the product will not increase metabolism or decrease hunger. None are proven to help the dieter achieve weight loss goals, but some are proven to increase the risk of dehydration while others we have never read on a product label. Everlax is associated with Healthy People Co. We could not find an official website, but we found several retailers selling the supplement. Dieters can choose to order from Healthy People Co. from the official eStore. The product sells for $25.

List of Ingredients

Spirulina Algae, Boldo, Passion Flower, Manrrubio, Cuachalalate, Cascara Sagrada, Prickly Pear and Papaya.

Product Features

Boldo is a Chilean tree used to calm the stomach. There is no mention of weight loss or laxative benefits, but stomach relaxers are commonly included in supplements with strong laxative ingredients.

Manrrubio, or manrrubium, is also referred to as horehound. This herbal remedy has been around for centuries and is commonly used to control cough and lower blood pressure. There is no link between horehound and weight loss.

Cuachalalate is commonly used to fight off H. pylori, a bacteria associated with stomach ulcers and pain. Not everyone who suffers from stomach problem as a bacterial infection or H. pylori. There is no weight loss benefits associated with Cuachalalate.

Cascara Sagrada is a familiar name. This is the natural laxative that gives Everlax its name. Depending on how much cascara is included in the supplement, the laxative effect could be quite strong.

Papaya is another familiar ingredient. Papaya calms the stomach and improves digestion.

Everlax appears to be more of an intestinal aid than a weight loss product. The inclusion of cascara sagrada could mean the other ingredients will be pushed out of the body faster leaving little time to work. Herbal supplements and medications should be taken two hours before a laxative or two hours after, not at the same time.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • Dieters can order the product from the manufacturer.


  • Laxatives are not effective weight loss solutions.
  • None of the ingredients boost metabolism.
  • At least one ingredient is used to increase appetite.
  • The official website and store provide no information on ingredients.
  • Long-term use of laxative can cause addiction and reduced natural bowel movements.


We do not support the use of Everlax for weight loss or constipation. The ingredient list could be lacking some of the ingredients and only one of the ingredients addresses the problem of having a bowel movement. As for weight loss, the dieter will see no change in weight as a result of taking this product.

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    Diana Leon

    Hello everyone I have personally used this product and I have noticed great results I have lost 15 pounds in 1 month with the cleansing treatment with include the everlax:).. super happy with healthy people



    Hello Diana. My name is Lali.
    Would you be so kind to let me know how often do you take the tea or if before or street meals.
    Thank you.