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Everslim Gel is a slimming gel from Healthy People. This product is identical to Everlax Gel sold by the same company. The ingredients are listed in a different order, but they are all the same. The product description for the product claims the gel will increase fat loss and tighten the skin. There is no mention of diet or exercise. The dieter simply has to rub the gel on the skin and fat loss starts. There are multiple companies out there selling the same story and none can prove this effect. What they can prove is dehydration. When a stimulant or diuretic is applied to the skin, the space between fat cells is dehydrated and the skin in that area looks thinner and tighter. But, what happens when the diuretic effect wears off? The skin goes back to normal.

List of Ingredients


  • Rosemary
  • Horsetail
  • Black Walnut
  • Menthol
  • Aloe Pulp
  • Demineralized Water
  • Methyl Salicylate

Product Features

We have quite a bit of experience reviewing slimming gels, but this one does not contain the most common ingredient – caffeine. We find several sources of caffeine, including guarana and theobromine in slimming gels like Everslim Gel, but this time around the company chose a diuretic in place of the stimulant. Diuretics will likely have the same effect.

When applied to the skin the diuretic pulls water from the area where applied. That water is pushed out of the body during normal urination. The fluid is pulled from between the fat cells and that makes the cells sit tighter together under the skin. When the fat cells are tighter together, skin looks tighter and slimmer. The effect may last a few hours, but it will not last forever and there is no real fat loss or weight loss.

Another thing we noticed about Everslim Gel was the missing gel ingredients. Typically the formula includes some skin softeners, similar to a lotion, with the added slimming ingredients. Everslim Gel contains aloe vera gel as a base and menthol. The menthol could make the product smell like an athletic balm as opposed to a skin gel – another negative.

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  • Ingredients are listed on the Healthy People website.
  • The diuretic should leave the skin looking slimmer.


  • None of the ingredients are proven to slim the body.
  • There are no testimonials or pictures showing how well the product works.
  • The product description is over the top.
  • No clinical proof the product works at all.


Everslim Gel is not a slimming gel at all if you compare the ingredient list to other similar products. We find a diuretic on the list, but that is the only ingredient that could possibly have any effect on the look of fat. None of the ingredients will have any long-term effect on weight or metabolism.

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    What I can say about this product is that it temporarly aleviates bloat. I have not used the product as suggested by the maunfacturer, but rather on a as needed basis. The menthol scent is a bit strong, but soothing as well.