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Every Day Health appears to be a website that consists of a panel of many different doctors and experts that cover all sorts of topics and fields that are related to all sorts of weight loss in general. In this review, however, we want to focus more on the weight loss department of this website so that we may see if this is a website that may be able to effectively assist you on your weight loss journey.


This website consists of several different types of doctors and websites that may be able to help you with health issues that you may have. It may also contain tools that may help you along on your weight loss journey.

Product Features

The website, EveryDayHealth.com, is a website where you can ask professionals about certain health issues and they respond to your question with the best answer that they know how to give. It appears as though the expert that is in charge of the weight management department is Dr. Caroline Apovian. If you have any questions that you may need to know about weight loss, then she would be the one to ask. Also in the weight loss department on this website they have tools that are designed to help you along your weight loss journey. There appear to be different categories in which these tools are placed into. These categories are Living Well, Eating Healthy, and Staying Fit. The tools that fall under the Living Well category are the Glucose Tracker and the My Calorie Counter. In the Eating Healthy category you have Meal Planner, Shopping List, Recipe Box, Calorie Calculator, and Healthy Recipes. Then we have the Staying Fit category which includes the Weight Tracker and Healthy Weight Calculator. It appears as though they recommend foods, exercises, and give you other tools that may help you out to lose weight. On top of that, if you have any questions regarding certain areas of weight loss, then there is a professional that is available for you to speak to, and they may be able to tell you when it is necessary for you to go to the doctor.

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  • Provides you with numerous tools that may be very helpful on your weight loss journey.
  • Has a certified health specialist, and most often an MD that specializes in your area of need.
  • Encouragement for eating right and exercising.


  • Does not appear to offer any type of appetite suppressant or fat burners so that you may increase your chances of losing weight.


It appears as though we may have stumbled upon a very useful, helpful, and insightful website that may offer some of the encouragement that you need for the duration of your weight loss plan. Although it does not offer any information on what supplements you should take, but it offers plenty of information on what you should not take, including Ephedra and all of the other ingredients that are out there that are just like it, but are yet to be banned. There is also a little information on which ones simply do not work while providing information on ingredients that you should approach with caution or avoid altogether.

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    I have a severe skin rash. what can I put on it to stop the itching. Thanks Alice


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    where can iu get exercizes for wheelchair patients with arthritis
    sincerely, Barbara Bulliungton