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Even though we do our best, it’s still nearly impossible to maintain a perfect record with what we eat. Processed food, restaurant meals, and indulgent treats all introduce plent of unnecessary waste to our system. In addition to that, our bodies accumulate toxins each day. Diet and exercise are great, but how can we clean the inside of our bodies? EveryDay Detox Tea has a special formula to clean the toxins out of the body, especially the liver. When used daily, the antioxidants in EveryDay Detox Tea will clean the toxins from the GI tract and promote liver and kidney health.

EveryDay Detox is manufactured by Traditional Medicinals, a company that claims over thirty years of herbal experience in Northern California. The company has been given several awards for environmentally friendly practices.

List of Ingredients

EveryDay Detox Tea contains: Schisandra fruit dry aqueous extract, schisandra fruit, lycium fruit dry aqueous extract. Proprietary blend: gynostemma herb, licorice root, organic ginger rhizome, Chinese star anise fruit, and organic kukicha twig.

Product Features

EveryDay Detox Tea should be used every day, according to product pages. The herbal formula in the tea stimulates the liver to produce bile and aids the body in the digestion of fat. On a regular basis, this is said to improve the health of the liver and kidneys.

Brew EveryDay Detox like normal tea: eight ounces of hot water, steeping for ten minutes. Product sellers recommend two or three cups a day. A box of 16 tea bags retails for $5.49, so using this tea would cost about $30 per month. It is available from the manufacturer’s website (Traditional Medicinals) and from several other online retailers.

This tea is quite flavorful, according to product reviews. The ingredient schisandra fruit apparently contains five different tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and pungent.

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  • This is all-natural and safe for most users.
  • EveryDay Detox Tea is a relatively inexpensive supplement.
  • This tea meets a need that is rarely emphasized: liver health.


  • EveryDay Detox Tea isn’t really a diet product. It’s a health supplement, but not for weight loss.
  • There are no money back guarantees or before and after photos.
  • This tea doesn’t promote weight loss with thermogenic ingredients.


EveryDay Detox Tea looks like it would be a good product for improving the function of your liver and kidneys. It’s important to clean both the outside and inside of the body. It doesn’t look like EveryDay Detox would make a good weight loss product, though. None of the ingredients is specifically geared toward weight loss and the manufacturer never suggests that this is a weight loss supplement.

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    can this be made inadvance and drank as an iced beverage?



    Yes it can. But as with all teas it can only sit so long.