Evodiamine Review

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What You Should Know

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Evodiamine is not a weight loss product but it is an ingredient that can be found in some weight loss supplements due to its reported thermogencic properties. According to some clinical studies, evodiamine was shown to increase body temperature, which can assist in the calorie burning process. However, all of the clinical evidence cited at the time of this review has been done in laboratory settings and on rodents. No human studies have yet been conducted. Unfortunately, this means that no one knows what the recommended dosage of this substance should be.

Evodiamine is an alkaloid extract from a plant known as Evodiae Fructus. The substance has been used as a weight loss supplement in Chinese medicine for centuries. It apparently works as a powerful stimulant that raises body temperature and increases metabolism while providing energy to the user. However, without proper clinical evidence to prove if this substance is effective for weight loss in humans it may be premature to consider evodiamine an effective weight loss ingredient.

Product Features

The product features for weight loss supplements containing evodiamine will vary based on the product itself and the company offering it.

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  • Evodiamine has shown promise in early studies as a weight loss enhancer.
  • The ingredient does not appear to be an expensive addition to many weight loss products.


  • Evodiamine has not been thoroughly tested for use on humans.


While initial studies suggest that evodiamine may contribute to weight loss efforts by raising body temperature and aiding in calorie burning the results are far from conclusive at the time of this review.

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