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What You Should Know

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Excelatrim is a self-proclaimed all-natural diet pill available with a trial offer so dieters can try the product before buying. The free trial lasts just 18 days, which accounts for a 14-day trial period and 4 days for processing the order and delivering the product to the consumer. The trial requires the customers pay shipping and handling with a credit card. The credit card will be charged $79.41. The order is then placed on an auto-ship program so the dieter will receive another bottle about every 30 days for $79.41 plus $5.95 shipping and handling – a charge that is also automatically charged to the credit card used for the trial order.

Excelatrim is somehow associated with VICI Marketing. VICI Marketing has been involved in several legal battles with the state of Florida over use of illegally obtained consumer information and employing salespeople without proper licenses. Some of the telemarketers working for the company were convicted felons with identity theft and fraud convictions.

List of Ingredients


  • Raspberry Ketone
  • EGCG
  • ChromeMate
  • Natural Ginseng

Product Features

Excelatrim claims to contact some of the most popular ingredients in the diet industry today. Raspberry ketones became wildly popular when Dr. Mehmet Oz claimed they promoted weight loss on his television show. According to Dr. Oz you need to consume about 100 mg of raspberry ketones per day to promote fat loss, but Excelatrim does not reveal how much of the ingredient is in the formula.

EGCG is another great ingredient. EGCG is the active, fat-burning, non-stimulant part of green tea and green tea is backed with some serious clinical support, but again there are not details about how much EGCG is included.

ChromeMate is nothing more than chromium and niacin. Chromium may help control blood glucose levels and reduce hunger. Ginseng is a natural energy booster, but there are potential interactions with some prescription medications and negative side effects like headaches have been reported by some users.

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  • Trial offer with money-back guarantee.


  • No details revealed about the ingredients.
  • May not be safe for all dieters.
  • The marketing company behind the diet pill has a tumultuous legal history.
  • Consumers are charged nearly $80 if they don’t call to cancel the trial.
  • Consumers must call customer service for a return authorization to return the product.


We suggest dieters skip Excelatrim at all costs. Not only does the company skip telling the consumer how much of each ingredient is included, they are associated with a marketing company with a history of pulling consumers into recurring payment programs that charge credit cards if the consumer does not cancel a trial by the required date.

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14 User Reviews about Excelatrim

  • 1

    I used excelatrim and it worked very well for me. I can’t believe all the hating going on. There are a lot of diet supplements on the internet that cost more than excelatrim. I lost 36lbs now I can’t by anymore. You people need to stop trying to put your product out there in place of a proven product. Don’t care of the cost. It works.


  • 2

    do not have anything to do with slimming/diet products from the internet, particularly Raspberry ketone blast capsules. This company will con you out of up to £95 per month from your account because you did not read the small print. Where were the conditions printed on the site?”!! Beach Ready Inc. registered in CAnada? who knows where! are at worst criminal and at best unscrupulous. Buyers do not take up the offer of a ‘trial’ and definitely do NOT GIVE THEM YOU CREDIT/DEBIT CARD Nos. Go to your health shop for any supplements.


  • 3
    Devonne Murray

    I do not have the address for the Company and would like to try to get my money back for 4 months worth of product I returned unopened because I was afraid to take it.They have not sent the money back. Can you help me?


  • 4

    terrible company, I couldn’t get my money back, do not ORDER THIS PRODUCT


  • 5
    angel donnelly

    A total scam, billed me for order I never received. And on the trial order which is for 14 days, which they put in small print they bill you for full order.


  • 6

    Ordered the product 1/11/2013, stated I had 18 days to cancel, called on 1/29/2013 18 days later and my credit card had already been debited??? Customer service said I should’ve called ahead of time because they shipped it out late on 1/16/2013 so technically I didn’t get a 14 day trial but because I didn’t call before the 18 days they couldn’t refund my money? What??? But I called with in the 18 days so why was my card debited anyway? It’s a scam, regardless of what the trial period is they will take the money. I called with in the 18 days given to me for the trial and they had already taken the money out. That can’t possibly be legal???



    sammeeee thing happened to me !! ^^^


  • 7

    Recieved my excelatrim and after reading all the comments on how hard it was to return I decided not to try it and just call to get RMA# It was very easy and they were very polite. No problems in the return.


  • 8

    Do I need to call excelatrim to make sure they don’t charge me again in 30 days? When I called I was aware they were charging me up front but the only reason I did it as because they said Rachael Ray lost 40 pound. When I saw her on T.V. she was even heavier than normal! I don’t know why I fell for this it must have been an impulse decision.It’s not at all what I thought it would be.


  • 9

    What a pain… took over 20 minutes to answer the phone and fight them for the authorization number to cancel & pay to ship the product back to them… They also fought me on the phone… The web-site I ordered from said easy, trial, no need to cancel order or re-turn product.. ALL LIES… I also ordered the detox & that came with the wrong # to call on it..So I had to call the excelatrim, hoping they would know the #. another 20 min of waiting, yep, they had the phone #, nope they couldn’t handle it for me… yet another phone call, another 20 min of waiting (1 hr total now)… and the lady was a real $#%^&, insisted I answer questions on why I didn’t want the product… had to fight yet again to get the return number.. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM… SCAM.. and after what I read identity theft is something to worry about!


  • 10

    Is it lieing about the 5.95 for shipping ..I just ordered the trial..


  • 11

    Hi..I placed an order for this through their web page for the trial..should I cancel it now before the order is shipped? It told me 5.95 for the shipping and after 14 days the charge would be on my credit card..lies???



    cancel it! it’s terrible and apparently (which was stated NO WHERE for me) you can’t return anything after 30 days.. even though its not stated anywhere. they claim it gives you energy which is bull. it made me feel sick constantly and im a pretty healthy individual. I work out regularly and eat properly and literally this just made me feel like sh*t



    Someone needs to call Dr Ozz and let him know what a scam this company is.