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What You Should Know

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Excelerene is a phantom weight loss supplement with very little information on the Internet. The weight loss supplement was created by Obesity Research Institute LLC – the makers of Propolene, among other supplements. There is no official website for Excelerene or the manufacturer so all information must be pulled from an outside website.

List of Ingredients

Green Tea, Kola-Nut, Bitter Orange, Chromium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6.

Product Features

The Excelerene supplement, as a standalone product, is more of an energy supplement than a weight loss supplement. This could be the reason the supplement is packaged with Propolene which contains natural fiber to suppress appetite.

The initial ingredient in Excelerene is green tea. Green tea has been proven to increase metabolism naturally and may have other health benefits. Without an official website be cannot tell if there is just a small amount of green tea or enough to boost fat burning.

Kola-nut is a stimulant that is used in colas as a source of caffeine and for additional flavor. As is the case with all stimulants, kola-nut carries a slight diuretic quality. Bitter orange is another stimulant also referred to as synephrine or citrus aurantium. Bitter orange gained popularity after Ephedra was banned in the United States. The two stimulants are similar, but bitter orange does not have the power or fat burning ability of Ephedra.

Chromium is another trusted weight loss ingredient that may help to control blood glucose levels. When blood glucose rises after eating, it can suddenly drop causing the dieter to feel hungry. Chromium is thought to help ease that rise and fall just enough to stop hunger from being so overpowering.

Vitamins B12 and B6 are energy vitamins. B vitamins work in the body to metabolize food into energy. More B vitamins do not necessarily mean more energy, however. Many weight loss supplements utilize the natural energy boost from B vitamins as a source of fat burning, but the body metabolizes B vitamins very quickly. Any dieter who has taken a B complex or a multi-vitamin and noticed a change in urine color shortly after is seeing the passing of those B vitamins out of the body. When urine turns to a more normal color, the B vitamins are gone.

Taking a step back, Excelerene offers two proven weight loss ingredients. This is a good start, but the addition of two more stimulants could cause a problem with overstimulation.

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  • Green tea may boost metabolism.
  • Chromium helps control blood sugar levels and thus hunger.


  • Three stimulants could be too much for most dieters.
  • No official website is available to further research the supplement.
  • We could not find Excelerene for sale online.


There is a small likelihood that a dieter will come across a supply of Excelerene as the supplement seems to be off the market. The multiple stimulants pushes this supplement into the energy category more than the weight loss category.

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