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The official website for Excell Energy Pill boasts some pretty interesting claims. The supplement is marketed for more than just energy. The manufacturer claims you can cure a hangover, increase sexual pleasure, lose weight, and “excell” at anything in life with the supplement. These are some huge claims for a weight loss supplement.

List of Ingredients

Licorice Root, Bitter Orange, Fo-ti, Bay-Chi, Sukday and Lycii Berries.

Product Features

The first ingredient that caught our attention was Bitter Orange. Bitter Orange is an alternate name for synephrine, which is currently being studied due to having similar side effects to Ephedra. The stimulant is strong and will increase energy and heart rate significantly. With strong stimulation comes the potential for nausea, irritability, and jitters none of which are mentioned on the Excell Energy Pill website.

Licorice Root, the most abundant ingredient in Excell Energy Pill, has been linked to increased blood pressure and heart problems when taken in high concentrations. People with preexisting heart conditions may have negative reactions with only a small amount of licorice root. Positive clinical studies have been linked to decreased fat stores, but only in larger amounts – 3,500 mg per day to be exact. Excell Energy Pill does not list the total amount of licorice root in each suggested dose.

Bay Chi, also known as Astralagus, works in the body to decrease blood pressure and stop sweating. If there is alot of Bitter Orange in the supplement, this ingredient could be used to counteract the effects of stimulation.

The remaining ingredients work to enhance memory, balance adrenaline, and improve breathing. None of which will effect the amount of weight loss. Excell Energy Pill retails for $49.99 per bottle. There is a 100% money back guarantee when ordering Excell Energy Pill.

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  • All ingredients are listed.
  • A 100% money back guarantee is offered.
  • Bitter orange will increase heart rate and stimulate calorie burn.


  • Bitter orange is a strong stimulant.
  • Not every ingredient is included to affect weight loss.
  • Licorice root has been linked to increase blood pressure and heart troubles.


Excell Energy Pill is an energy pill through and through. The weight loss benefits claimed by the manufacturer will come as a result of strong stimulation. Licorice root is not a safe ingredient for every dieter. Dieters with heart problems should not take this supplement as Bitter Orange may also have negative side effects on the heart.

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