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Excell Now Energy is a diet supplement in pill form marketed by Excell LLP which manufactures a number of health supplements. According to the Excell website, Excell Now Energy consists of six ancient and rare Chinese herbs. Excell Now Energy claims to do just about everything including “slam through your workday”, “be the life of the party”, “be awesome at the gym”, “cure your hangover”, and “enhance sexual pleasure”. Excell Now Energy also claims to help you “lose weight quickly and safely”.

The sheer extent of the product’s claim may make some consumers skeptical and it certainly made us so. Excel Now Energy does not appear to be backed up by any clinical testing or research and the company provides little in the way of explanation of the ingredients and their purpose in the formulation.

The company offers a 30-day (from the date of order) money-back guarantee but does not appear to offer product samples so that consumers can try out Excell Now Energy before they invest in an entire jar. At a cost of $50 for 20 capsules, Excell Now Energy is not an inexpensive weight loss solution.


Licorice root, bitter orange, Fo-ti, Bay-Chi, Sukday, and Lycii Berries.

Product Features

Although Excell Now Energy’s main purpose isn’t weight loss, the company lists it as a benefit. None of the ingredients in Excell appear to be directly related to losing weight. Presumably, the increase in energy is expected to increase metabolism although that is never clearly stated on the company’s website.

The herbs included in Excell Now Energy may have a stimulant effect on the body, but the company provides no detailed information on how the product works. Those who have food allergies may wish to discuss the ingredient list with their doctors before trying this product.

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  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • May have a stimulant effect on the body.


  • Is not specifically formulated for weight loss.
  • May not contain proven weight management ingredients.
  • No product samples appear to be offered.
  • No links to clinical research on effectiveness of product provided.


Excell Now Energy is trying to be all things to all people. Those seeking to lose weight tend to be less concerned about “being the life of the party” and more about clinically-proven weight loss ingredients. The official website provides very little support for its claims and no case studies or before and after pictures. Customer testimonials on the Internet tend to be mixed on the effectiveness of this product. Consumers may wish to seek out products that are specifically formulated for losing weight safely and effectively and pass over this product.

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