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Excellean Review - Does This Weight-Loss Supplement Really Work? Are lack of real results and negative user reviews deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

300I’m here to cut through the noise and get you the bottom line on Excellean. We conducted an in-depth review, examining the ingredients, side effects, customer service and scientific studies. We additionally focused on dozens of comments and experiences from all over the web. At last, we compressed all of the data we discovered to give you the info you need.

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What You Need To Know

First off, Excellean is made by SEI Pharmaceuticals Inc., which is a company located in Miami, FL. Unfortunately there does not appear to be an official website for this brand. The ingredients are fish oil, DHA, flaxseed oil, linoleic acid ALA, conjugated linoleic acid and evening primrose oil. It is marketed as a natural antioxidant weight-loss product. The retail price is $49.99. This supplement should be taken three times a day for maximum results. The purpose is to reduce unsightly abdominal fat, suppress sugar cravings and promote overall heart health.

Excellean was released back in 2013 and it is 100-percent natural. Also, you can purchase this product online via websites like Amazon for $17.99 and some customer feedback is posted on the web, but read on…

Lack of Real Results – “Why Take It?”

Our first concern with Excellean ingredients is that they just don’t work as claimed. According to our Research Editor, “There is no science presented to support Excellean as an effective fat loss supplement. While the formula used in this product may promote heart health, they have not been shown to assist with weight-loss.”

One dieter stated, “Saw no results!”

Another user commented, “Little to zero change prior to taking it vs after taking it, waste of money, I’ll be looking for something that works better.”

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Negative User Reviews – “Another Issue”

We always take a close look at the customer feedback for each supplement we review. Unfortunately for Excellean, there are numerous discouraging comments. One dieter said, “Excellean is just over priced fish oil.”

According to another user, “This stuff does nothing at all!”

Our research has revealed that if one aspect of a weight-loss formula or diet program is very bothersome (lack of clinical studies, negative customer feedback, high cost) the likelihood of real success is minimal. So, if Excellean softgels do cause all sorts of negative reviews, this could be a serious issue.

The Science – “Clinical Proof?”

While Excellean softgels certainly provide omega fatty acids to help promote heart health, we did not find any clinical research that ties this supplement to weight-loss or fat reduction. Here at DietSpotlight, we need to see documented science that links the diet product and its ingredients to real results. If that’s not there, we see a red flag.

The Bottom Line – Does Excellean Work?

Ok, are we in the car already, speeding out for this one? Even though Excellean does provide some natural omega fatty acids to assist with heart health, we have issues recommending this supplement for weight-loss, because the science is just not there. Furthermore, there does not even appear to be an official website available. You should also be aware that there was an FDA criminal investigation into SEI Pharmaceuticals Inc. back in 2012, which is certainly concerning.

For dieters who need to trim down more quickly and get rid of excess fat, we encourage you to go with a supplement that is supported by actual scientific studies and is backed by customer testimonials.

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How Does Excellean Compare?

Previous Excellean Review (Updated May 14, 2014):

What You Should Know

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SEI Pharmaceuticals formulates Excellean. The supplement contains essential fatty acids to promote weight loss, but we could not find an ingredient list on the official website. There is another Excellean product called Excellean CLA, but we are unsure if these two products are one in the same. We also found reference on one bodybuilding forum to Excellean Fish Oil. GNC offers the complete ingredient list for Excellean. The formula does appear to contain both CLA and Fish Oil, but we assume the company offers these as standalone supplements as well.

List of Ingredients

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  • Organic Flaxseed Oil
  • Fish Oil
  • Evening Primrose Oil

Product Features

We have reviewed hundreds of conjugated linoleic acid supplements and all are exactly the same. Conjugated linoleic acid, commonly known as CLA, has been clinically tested and proven to promote fat loss, but supplement companies fail to tell the average dieter that the studies were performed on fit individuals, not people trying to lose weight. For instance, an athlete trying to trim body fat and increase lean muscle can take CLA while maintaining a high fitness level and reduce body fat. However, the average dieter will not see the effects the athlete sees. CLA is also known to cause stomach discomfort, though the side effects are typically short-lived with regular use. Flaxseed oil, fish oil and evening primrose oil are all fantastic sources of omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are ideal for heart health, but they are no designed to improve weight loss. The average American has an omega 3 to omega 6 ratios of 4 to 1. The ideal ratio is 10 to 1, so we all need more omega 3 fatty acids and this supplement is a great omega 3 source.

See Our Featured


  • Contains healthy omega fatty acids.
  • CLA is proven to promote fat loss in fit individuals.
  • Available online through the official website and a trusted vitamin company.


  • Will not promote weight loss for the average dieter.
  • Not designed to increase metabolism.
  • May cause stomach discomfort.


Excellean is just another fatty acid supplement claiming to be stronger than it really is. There are clinical studies proving the effectiveness of CLA and that is what most supplement companies focus on when promoting diet products with CLA as the main ingredient. However, the dieter who looks at the fine print of these studies will find the participants were already fit before taking CLA. The average dieter will not see a jump in weight loss or feel increased energy from taking Excellean, but the omega fatty acids offer fantastic heart support. We suggest the dieter choose a supplement with proven weight loss ingredients that work for everyone, not just a select few.

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