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ExerBeat is a fitness based game for the Nintendo Wii console. It is very similar to the Wii Fit game, but is just different enough to offer a bit of variety to your home workout. If you have been looking for something new to add to your library to help you reach your weight loss goals, take a look at this to see what we think.

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ExerBeat is a new workout game for the Nintendo Wii. The game offers 155 exercises across: hip hop dance, latin dance, aerobics, stretching, yoga and Pilates, boxing, karate, and karate forms. Only some of the exercises are unlocked when you start, and you meet “Rhythm” a music note that works with you much like the balance board on the Wii Fit. For every minute you workout and point you score, you will earn miles to walk around the globe and visit various places all over the world. As you workout, you will unlock additional exercises and modes, including a video mode that enables you to workout without using the wii remotes. The game is two players, and features games you can do together. Many of the exercises are for the Wii Balance board, but it looks as though about half of them in each category can be done using the remotes alone. The nunchuks are not required for any of the exercises. Players can choose to workout with one or two remotes before the start, and then once the video mode is unlocked, that option will also be available. You can also build your own custom workout routines.

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  • ExerBeat has more than 155 exercises, across eight different “types” to provide a little something for everyone in the whole family.
  • The game is available for under $20 online.
  • The Wii Balance Board is not required for all the exercises.


  • ExerBeat is only available for the Nintendo Wii console.
  • You must workout for a considerable amount of time to unlock all the exercises.
  • This will not address diet and nutrition.
  • There may or may not be a money back guarantee for this product.
  • You need to use both wii remotes instead of a remote and a nunchuk to workout both sides of your body, so you must need four remotes to workout with two players.


ExerBeat brings a fitness club to your living room and gives you no excuse not to get a workout from home. The fact that you can bring in a friend or family member to workout with you makes it easier to get the motivation to workout. The daily challenges on the game are a good motivational tool. The variety of things you can do makes it harder to get bored with it. It does not address diet but can help you lose weight.

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