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Are you looking to lose weight by building muscle and burning calories with weight lifting and cardio exercise? A wide variety of exercise equipment can be found in gyms around the country, but what if you don’t have the time to drive to the gym every day? Well, you can use our site to find some of the best exercise equipment available for purchase from local retailers and websites.

There’s a huge selection of home gyms, cardio equipment and other exercise equipment options on the market today. With such a selection, you’ll need a way to narrow down the field and find the most effective workout to fit into your busy schedule! Our honest to goodness reviews and reader comments will cut your research time and save your money.

Our readers have used the equipment themselves, so they can offer insightful user comments about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the equipment being reviewed. They’ll let you know which pieces of equipment are worth your time and money. Their comments will also give you a glimpse into the versatility of equipment. When you’re looking to purchase exercise equipment for your home, you need to consider space and portability. Most of us don’t have room for many different exercise machines, so we need to find a few machines that can effectively work all the major muscle groups in the body.

So, take some time to browse our collection of reviews on exercise equipment. You’ll be glad you took the time!

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