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The Exercycle has been around since 1932. It is the original exercise bicycle and was developed by a mechanical engineer in New York City for his wife, who was suffering from a debilitating neuromuscular disease. He wanted her to exercise to keep her muscles moving and limber in order to lessen the pain she was experiencing. It worked so well that he was asked to make more and the company was born. The original design of the Exercycle has been improved upon and the Theracycle is now on the market. Although the Theracycle has been developed for the therapeutic and rehabilitation markets it can be used as a cardiovascular workout device in gyms and homes. Not only is cardiovascular exercise important for heart health it is an important step in increasing the rate of metabolism in order to burn fat and lose weight.

Product Features

The Exercycle and Theracycle look like a standard exercise bike except that the handles move back and forth to simulate a rowing motion. This increases the heart rate quickly and ramps up the workout which increases the metabolism. According to one of the online retailer’s websites studies have proven that the Exercycle burns on average 20% more calories than a stationary bike, treadmill, or cross-country ski machine. The reason is simple: more muscle groups are being worked at the same time.

There are many different models of the Exercycle and Theracycle. Some come with digital displays and some do not. All are reasonably easy to operate even for those who do not have perfect mobility. Exercycles cost around $3,000 depending on the model. Theracycles are sold by video only so the final cost is not known until you have watched an extended infomercial on the product.

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  • Works multiple muscle groups simultaneously.
  • Tones muscles while providing a cardiovascular workout.
  • Manufactured by 75 year old company.


  • Expensive compared to other forms of cardiovascular exercise.
  • No manufacturer’s money-back guarantee.


The Excercycle has been the standard in cardiovascular workouts for seventy-five years and it still holds up today as a way to lose weight and keep your heart healthy. For those consumers on a budget the Exercycle and Theracycle may be out of financial reach.

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20 User Reviews about Exercycle

  • 1

    I have a vintage Exercycle that I need the parts/service manuals for.


  • 2
    T. G. Campbell

    I own a Exercycle Symphony model and need a new seat cover. Where may I locate parts ? Love my machine !


  • 3
    David Baker

    I have had a vintage Exercyle for over 25 years. During that time I have invested in expensive treadmills and ellipticals; once the newness wears off I find myself back on the Exercycle. It simply works and works better than anything else – remarkable device; highly recommended. Look on Craigslist and eBay for starters. Hope this helps.


  • 4

    My insurance company offered a product like this but, after reading the reviews. I am glad I refused to settle for something that I will have problems with down the road.


  • 5

    What is an all original 1932 exercycle wor


  • 6

    What this company doesn’t tell you, until AFTER you purchase the bike, is that you CANNOT self strap your feet onto the pedals and must
    have the assistance of another person. If you attempt to move the pedals into a neautral position the bike can fall over and for a paraplegic it is then
    almost impossible to turn off and you run the risk of injury and damage to furnishings when this happens. The product concept is excellent, but the execution
    is horrible. If you plan on trying this product without the assistance of another prson to help you strap your legs into the pedals then you are wasting your money.


  • 7

    My friend’s exercycle is jammed due to clogged grease in the gears. Where can I take it to get it back in working order?



    how do you put the gear oil in my excercycle and what type of oil can I use. Please help me it’s very urgent





  • 8

    My friend’s exercycle has clogged gears due to grease gunk. Where can I take it to get it back in working order?


  • 9

    how much do u want for your exercycle bike ?


  • 10

    i have vintage exercycle $450


  • 11

    The Theracycle was advertised as an aid to people with Parkinson’s. The holders for feet on the Theracycle are impossible for someone with Parkinson’s to put on. Even with help it is very difficult. The holders are heavy and flip over. The straps easily slip under the foot. Can’t you do something about this? It’s not as if yours is a cheap product!! I recommend making some sort of a comfortable boot one can just slip on. Your advertising suggesting that a person can just roll up to the Theracycle in a wheel chair and start exercising make me laugh.



    My dad just spent 4k on one of these! I suppose if he actually uses it than perhaps worth it but my first impression was the user interface is terrible and the start up not very smooth – I did not watch the infomercial and have not seen the research. I am dubious however!
    I think 3,500 spent on personal trainer and 500 on a good exercise bike ( or a theracycle 2nd hand) would have been a better call for budget.


  • 12

    is this working? this is my third try



    You need 85/140 gear oil, 1 qt. The bike came with a large allen wrench which you use to remove the screws from the top and the bottom of the gear box.(What the pedals are attached to). You can contact exercycle and they will send you a manual for 25.00


  • 13

    leaking oil from pedal housing and now screaches after just a minute or two…what type of oil do I need?


  • 14
    Beverly Denney

    I bought a really old exercycle that has a slow leak from the pedal housing and now it is screaching after running just a couple minutes. do I need to add oil or grease and if so what type? when it shipped it lost a lot of the “oil” (it was all over the place). I tried using it after several weeks of idle time (due to a shoulder injury) and now don’t know what to do. it’s too heavy to just take it somewhere and this one does not have any way to attach wheels…


  • 15

    can i still buy the original bike and were



    i think i may have one