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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Exergame Fitness claims Fitness 2.0 is the next big thing in fitness technology. The idea behind Fitness 2.0 is interactive fitness with kids and adults in mind. The products utilize the latest in interactive technology to engage and even exercise the mind and body. Some of the products available from Exergame Fitness include the BrainBike, iDance2, Treadwall and MovBand.

List of Ingredients


  • Interactive fitness games and products.

Product Features

There is a connection between weight loss, exercise and the growing online support system known as social media. Exergame Fitness is one of the first companies to combine the three into one line of products. Not all products from Exergame Fitness are designed to be used by adults in a weight loss setting, but the ones that are designed for adults are spectacular.

The Treadwall, for instance, is a moving rock-climbing wall that enables the users to climb a never-ending mountain at a self-guided pace and angle. As the climber climbs, the wall rotates bringing the hand and footholds back around again and again. The walls fit in tight spaces like your local gym or your home.

Technology like that provided by Exergame Fitness is not cheap- but the company does not list any of the prices on the website. You have to contact a sales representative for a catalog or pricing information. We found this a bit confusing because there are buttons to download the catalog on several pages of the site. The buttons lead to contact pages, not catalog downloads.

The majority of the updates on the company blog pertain to studies on how exercise can be integrated into education and the youth lifestyle to improve behavioral problems, help schools reach physical fitness goals, reduce childhood obesity and the like. There are a few pieces about dementia and other adult issues, but the Exergame Fitness company is clearly geared toward getting kids up and moving.

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  • Fantastic integration of gaming and exercise.
  • Uses state of the art technology to improve physical fitness.
  • May help children get fit and stay fit.
  • Leasing available to reduce out of pocket costs.


  • No prices are listed on the official website.
  • The company does not appear to sell home units though some of the products could be used in a home setting.


The majority of dieters will not have the space or the extra money to purchase a product from Exergame Fitness, but that doesn’t mean one of your local gyms isn’t equipped with some interactive exercise technology. Exergame Fitness is part of the movement to integrate technology into fitness – a movement that will soon encompass more fitness products.

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