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The Exerspy is an armband worn nearly 24 hours a day to track calories burned, movement and sleep. The unit is comparable to the BodyBugg as it uses the same technology and an identical watch for quick reference. Previous BodyBugg owners cannot use the BodyBugg watch with the Exerspy because the two watches are programmed to different frequencies. This may seem like a means of getting more money from the consumer, but the units must be programmed differently so two dieters information does not intermingle when they work out side by side.

BodyMedia is the manufacturer of the Exerspy armband and watch. The unit requires a personal computer (Mac or Windows) and a USB connection.

List of Ingredients

Armband and watch.

Product Features

The Exerspy is used as part of the dotFIT Me program. Users must purchase a membership to dotFIT Me to access information on the official website. The Exerspy unit collects information throughout the day and the user connects the unit to a personal computer once a day to upload all data. The data is then aggregated and stored on the dotFIT Me program.

Users can choose to pay a $29.95 upfront price and $9.95 per month for the dotFIT Me program or purchase the Exerspy with a one-year subscription to dotFIT Me for $249.95. The $249.95 price is well worth the cost because the Exerspy sells for $219 as a standalone product.

Consumer reviews of the Exerspy system vary. Some users love the constantly accessible information available from the watch and dotFIT Me program, while others complain that the unit frequently bumps offline and needs to be recalibrated. Mac users can now use the Exerspy unit so complaints about compatibility have been addressed by BodyMedia.

Exerspy is a unique fitness tool, but it will not increase physical endurance or metabolism. Dieters use the tool as a regulatory device to watch calories burned and sleep efficiency. If foods are entered into the dotFIT Me program, they can also regulate intake versus output, but this requires sitting at the personal computer and logging each meal. This can be a tedious task for some dieters.

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  • Exerspy gives dieters a look at how normal daily movements burn calories.
  • The unit costs less if it is purchased with a one-year subscription to dotFIT Me.


  • Some users complain the unit needs to be recalibrated often.
  • May be too expensive for some dieters.
  • Does not increase metabolism or fat burn.
  • Foods must be entered manually for a complete weight loss picture.


Exerspy is a neat tool for weight loss, but it does nothing more than give the dieter information. If a dieter eats healthy foods and exercises every day, that information is not needed for weight loss.

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