Exhale Core Fusion Bootcamp Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Exhale: Core Fusion – Bootcamp is a five workout DVD broken into 10-minute segments. The training video is presented like a bootcamp workout with two instructors. Despite the name, the video covers all body areas, including abs, arms, legs and bottom. Dieters can choose to follow the workout from front to back for 50 minutes of intense movement or follow individual segments for a brief time-saving workout. Dieters following the Exhale: Core Fusion – Bootcamp may need to purchase hand weights, mat and exercise ball to complete workouts. The DVD sells on Amazon.com for $11.99.

List of Ingredients

Five-part workout DVD.

Product Features

The title of the Exhale: Core Fusion – Bootcamp lends the dieter to believe the program is dedicated to core muscles. This is true, but the definition of core muscles may be different than the one dieters typically use. Core muscles include muscles at the core of the body (abs) and all muscles that support the core (back, legs and upper body). Strengthening the “core” requires more than situps and that is where the Exhale: Core Fusion – Bootcamp comes into play.

The workout is broken into five segments and each segment lasts 10 minutes. This makes the DVD ideal for beginners who need to work up to a 50-minute workout DVD. The segments can be followed concurrently or the dieter can choose to pick one or more for an individual workout that changes from day to day.

Consumer reviews of the workout are limited, but generally good. Followers like the intensity of the workout and the smaller segments, ideal for fast workouts on the go. Dieters may need extra equipment to complete the workouts, so expect to buy some hand weights, an exercise mat and an exercise ball.

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  • Exhale: Core Fusion – Bootcamp is comparably priced with other workout DVDs.
  • Dieters can choose one or more 10-minute segments.
  • Followers do not have to workout for the full 50 minutes.
  • May be ideal for beginners.


  • Intensity level could be overpowering for some dieters.
  • No diet plan is included or discussed.
  • Two instructors could be confusing for some dieters.


Exhale: Core Fusion – Bootcamp is an intense workout broken into small segments so every dieter can burn calories with workouts ranging from 10 minutes to 50 minutes. The intensity level for some of the workouts is higher than beginner level, so the dieter may need to perform alternative movements to maintain a healthy heart rate. Diet is not addressed. Weight loss requires a reduced calorie diet and exercise, otherwise working out is useless. Dieters should look for a healthy eating plan that fits into personal lifestyle. Some dieters choose to take supplements with a healthy diet and exercise program to increase weight loss.

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