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Exitol is a product that is being promoted as a product that was designed to be a maximum strength colon cleanser. It appears as though it was manufactured by Liposomexlabs. It seems as though this product was designed for the purpose of cleaning excess waste out of your colon. There are claims that have been made that suggest this product may help you lose weight. In this review, we will go over some of the information that is available to us so that we may determine if this product could deliver any weight loss results.


While we were researching this product, it appears as if we may have found a list of ingredients. This list consists of Fennel Powder(root), Psyllium Powder(seed), Rhubarb Powder(seed), Buckthorne Powder (bark), Licorice Powder (root), Ginger Powder (root), Goldenseal Extract (root), and Cascara Sagrada (bark). It appears as though every one of the ingredients that were just listed are all cleansing agents that are used to clean out your digestive sytem.

Product Features

There have been studies done that show that a majority of people have some type of bowel problems. It is thought by some doctors that if you were to give your bowels a good cleansing that it would alleviate most of the problems that occur in the digestive system. There are many features that are being promoted in the advertising of this product. Some of these claims are as follows:

  • Boost your immune system.
  • Prevents constipation.
  • May help irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Reduces cholesterol.
  • Detoxifies the body.
  • Disease and cancer prevention.

It has been noted that it is the over consumption of artificial and processed ingredients that causes the reasons that we may need to cleanse our digestive systems and colons. There have been studies that show that some people have more than 26 pounds of wastes in there bodies or more at one time. You are supposed to take one or two pills after either breakfast or lunch. This is meant to rejuvenate your intestines so that it is brought as close to it’s original functional capabilities as possible.

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  • May be able to help cleanse your body of wastes and toxins.
  • Appears to be inexpensive.
  • You only have to consume 1 to 2 pills each day.


  • May not be very effective for fat loss.


This product appears as if it may be effective in cleansing the wastes and toxins from your body which may result in some weight loss, but it is believed that this weight loss will be very little, if any at all, related to actual fat loss. This will probably result in weight loss that has more to do with water weight and the weight from wastes and toxins than it has to do with actual fat loss.

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