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Exodus from Obesity appears to be a book that is supposed to help people deal with weight loss after they have surgery for weight loss. It is written by Paula F. Peck, who herself struggled with weight loss until she had surgery. In this review we may go over some of the points of this book so that we may determine if it is capable of being helpful on your journey to weight loss.


It appears as if this book consists of over 200 pages. It appears as though the author attempts to address certain issues that may occur after you have gastric bypass surgery.

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It appears as if the author of the book, Paula F. Peck, addresses the issues that you may have that are related to weight loss and post surgery issues. It seems as though this book is based on the author’s own trials and tribulations that she faced while on her own weight loss journey. She goes into extensive detail about how she lost over 100 pounds at one time through changing her lifestyle, then she gained all of it back. After a while, when she gained all of the weight back, she opted to have the Gastric Bypass Surgery. She then goes into details of what she went through herself, and that someone else who has had the surgery may go through.

It appears as if the website includes an outline of what the book may contain. It is described as being a step-by-step approach for undergoing the surgery. It then goes into detail about what you may need to do after you have had the surgery so that you continue to keep the weight off for a lifetime. There are also tips that are listed in the book that may inform you about what to do when the hunger returns so that you do no turn to binge eating. There also appears to be several tips to enable you to identify what may trigger binge eating. Then there are tips on how to improve your self esteem, repair relationships, deal with sexuality, and how to celebrate your new and improved way of life. It appears as though it may actually cover a vast majority, if not all, of the bases that are related to the after effects of the surgery.

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  • It appears as though it may be an informative book for people who are considering the surgery.
  • This book appears to have a personal touch.
  • The book was written by a registered nurse.
  • Addresses issues that may occur with family and friends.


  • It appears as if the website has not been updated since it was first posted.
  • May be considered to be expensive for a book.
  • The used book price is not much cheaper than the price for the new book.


This book was written with the intentions of being an informative book about the after effects of gastric bypass surgery. It does speak of a lifestyle change, but it we are not sure of exactly what is included in this change of lifestyle. The reader should keep in mind that surgery is not the best answer for everyone.

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