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All of us at one time or another need to get rid of a few extra pounds. And if you, like many others, are looking for a quick, natural way to lose weight, consider Exofat. This product is a weight-loss supplement that claims to help you lose weight in a safe and natural way. Exofat Forte works by absorbing excess fat. This product’s main ingredient is Liphosan, a lipid-absorbing compound made of marine fiber. Another key ingredient is Oligofructose, which claims to promote healthy digestion through increasing the amount of healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.

Another interesting fact about this product is that it works differently than most dieting supplements. Unlike other products, Exofat claims to absorb extra fat you consume. In contrast, most dieting products work by suppressing your appetite or increasing your body’s fat-burning ability.

List of Ingredients

Unfortunately, a complete list of ingredients for this product is not available. However, the two active ingredients in Exofat Forte are Liphosan, supposedly a patented form of chitosan; and oligofructose, a fructooligosaccharide also used as an artificial sweetener. This compound has been used as a dietary supplement for many years, and is proven to aid digestion.

Product Features

The lipophilic ingredient in this product, Liphosan, is apparently made of chitosan, a component derived from shellfish. Although it has many uses, chitosan is becoming increasingly popular in dietary supplements because of its supposed ability to prevent digestion of some fats.

This product is available many parts of the world, including the United States, Europe, and Australia. Also, this weight-loss supplement is sold by several retailers.

Instructions for this product are to take one to two capsules daily before meals.

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  • The manufacturers of Exofat Forte do recommend a healthy diet and exercise program along with using this product.
  • Although prices vary somewhat, one retailer sells this product for only $19.00 a box. Another retailer sells this product for only $12.00 a box, which is much less than most weight-loss supplements.


  • Since a complete list of ingredients for Exofat Forte is not provided, this supplement may contain harmful filler ingredients.
  • The main ingredient in this weight-loss supplement , Liphosan, may not be as effective as the manufacturer claims. Although some tests have been done studying the health benefits of chitosan, there is no conclusive evidence that this ingredient has any significant effect in reducing fat digestion.
  • Also, users of this product may experience harmful side effects. Chitosan may absorb some minerals as well as fats, depriving the body of essential nutrients.


Although this product claims to absorb up to 60 grams of excess fat, not enough research has been done to prove this claim. Also, although this product may help you lose some weight, reviews show that weight-loss with this product is much slower than other products. However, Exofat Forte is much cheaper than other diet supplements and is available in many areas. So while you may want to consider this product, it is probably not the best way to lose weight.

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