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Extreme Acai Pom is a powdered drink mix made with acai berry and pomegranate. This drink mix promises “instant natural weight loss” according to one of the product websites. Other benefits of Extreme Acai Pom include an increase in energy and removal of toxins from the body. While we would not disagree with the fact that combining these two powerful antioxidants into a single drink mix is a healthy beverage we are very skeptical of the claim that this powder will help you shed unwanted pounds. There is simply no solid research to back up this statement.

The Extreme Acai Pom websites read like an infomercial, with plenty of high powered marketing techniques to get people to click and buy the product. First, the company offers a fourteen-day “free” trial period. This basically means that the first shipment is sent to you and no billing is done for fourteen days after. If you choose to cancel your order during that first fourteen day period then there is no charge for the initial purchase. However, if you don’t call to cancel during this time frame you will be instantly enrolled in their auto ship program to a tune of almost $90 a month at the time of this review.

List of Ingredients

We were pleased to see that the company marketing Extreme Acai Pom offers the product label on the website; however, the label is too blurry to read.

Product Features

It is important to note that this company does not accept returns on any opened merchandise. Once you are enrolled in the auto ship program the only way to cancel is to call the company directly during normal business operating hours. Considering that the cost of this drink powder is nearly $90 a month we believe that the consumer is assuming a fairly large risk by agreeing to these terms.

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  • Both acai berry and pomegranate are powerful antioxidants that provide plenty of health benefits.


  • Consumers who order the product are automatically enrolled in an auto ship program.
  • The product is expensive.
  • There is no solid evidence that these ingredients are proven weight loss substances.
  • The product may not include a fat burner or appetite suppressant.


While we are pleased to see a diet supplement with healthy ingredients like these but we have serious doubts about whether this formula would help much with the weight loss process. We prefer formulas that contain a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant for the best value in a weight loss supplement.

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    Henrietta Weaver

    I just want to know how dose it come and the cost. also I am now taking pom pomegranate
    blueberry is it as good as acai 100? what dose it do differant in the body? Thanks