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Extreme Acaiberry claims to use acai berry and eight other ingredients to promote weight loss and cleansing. Very little information is available on the product, but one huge missing link is the identity of the eight ingredients. Marketing websites promoting the product link to weight loss and fitness supplements that are not Extreme Acaiberry. Due to claims of credit card billing after a mandatory free trial, the product may no longer be available for dieters.

List of Ingredients

Acai Berry?

Product Features

Acai is an anti-oxidant that has been researched in detail. The high ORAC level, which is a means of measurement for all anti-oxidants, is higher than other superfoods like blueberries. Anti-oxidants help fend off free radicals and repair free radical damage to cells. Many weight loss products market acai berry as being the key ingredient for weight loss and cleansing, but there is no clinical proof the superfood works to increase weight loss or cleanse.

We have a feeling the remaining ingredients will be cleansing ingredients like fiber and cascara sagrada, but without a definite ingredient list on the official website this is just a guess. A lack of information is enough reason for a consumer to choose a different product, but with Extreme Acaiberry the lack of ingredient list is not the top reason for concern.

Confusion about Extreme Acaiberry could be a problem as there are two weight loss products with similar names. Acai Berry Extreme is a weight loss product that includes multiple supplements. This supplement is formulated and sold by HH Nutrition and does not seem to be linked to Extreme Acaiberry.

Consumers who have ordered the Extreme Acaiberry complain of being signed up for an auto-ship program without their knowledge. According to the Extreme Acaiberry offer, dieters must sign up for a free trial before ordering. The terms of service for the free trial say the product will be auto-shipped if not cancelled. The auto-ship price for Extreme Acaiberry is $83.91 every 31 days.

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  • Acai berry is a strong anti-oxidant.


  • Acai berry will not increase weight loss.
  • No ingredient list could be found.
  • Auto-ship program charges customer cards with $83.91 if trial bottle is not returned.
  • Cleansing ingredients, if included, can lead to dependence.


We support all-natural weight loss supplements willing to reveal ingredients and support claims with testimonials and good customer service. Extreme Acaiberry seems to fall into the scam category with more than 90% of consumers ordering later complaining about the auto-ship charges on their credit card.

There are also no links, that we could find, for ordering Extreme Acaiberry. The affiliate links published on websites selling the free trial to consumers, lead to other weight loss products, which is another sign Extreme Acaiberry may not be available any longer.

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