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Extreme Fat Smash Diet appears to be a book that includes a plan that can help you to “smash” fat. It was written by Ian K. Smith. There are many books, products, and diet plans out there that claim they have all of the answers to your weight loss problems. In this review we will go over some of the information that is available to us to try and determine if this book could be useful in assisting someone to successfully lose weight.


While we were researching this book, we were looking for something that may tell us what this diet system is all about, but we failed to find such information. This may be frustrating to people that may like to do research before they buy something to make sure that it is something that they could comply with so they don’t end up wasting their money. In this case, researching before you buy may be next to impossible.

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It appears as though this may actually be the second book in a series. We believe that this may actually be a sequel to the book The Fat Smash Diet, also written by Ian K. Smith. We would also like to take the time to note at this time that Ian K. Smith does have a role on the program Celebrity Fit Club that is airs on VH1. Although there was not much information available about this book, it does appear that it may focus on the important of eating healthy and staying motivated and physical. It appears as though he may try to ease you into a new lifestyle by adding a little each day. This diet, much to our surprise, does not appear to be based on the low carbohydrate consumption theory like most of the diets these days do. It is said that it may be able to reform the diet to your specific needs. It may also read into how you can actually maintain the new and healthy lifestyle that you are working to achieve even after you have achieved your goals. Altogether, it looks as if this book may actually contain some teachings that may be beneficial in helping you to reach your weight loss goals and to keep it off.

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  • It appears as thought this book may encourage you to eat healthy.
  • It seems as though this book may encourage you to engage in regular exercise.


  • There was not a lot of information available on the website about the book.
  • Does not seem to explain the benefits of using a weight loss supplement.


It appears as though we have run across a book that actually encourages a healthy lifestyle change. Although, the book does not seem to express the potential benefits that a supplement may have. Some people simply need the encouragement that a supplement provides in order to help them to achieve their weight loss goals.

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    I’ve been on the diet and I’ve lost 4 pounds. Do you decide what type of dieter you are? Are you an Alpha, Beta, or Gamma? If you are a Beta or Gamma pay close attention to the signs because you must eat less and do more exercise. See pages 23-29. I am never hungry and remember you can have unlimited carrots. Try some match stick carrots. Good Luck :-) I have a friend who 30 lbs in 90 days and she is 61 years old. We can do the same.


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    June davis

    I have been on this diet for 12 days and have only lost 2 pounds! I started at 130# and I am 5’3″ tall. I am doing everything according to the booK…please help



    This diet works well. See page 23-25 to determine what type of dieter you are. My Aunt who is 61 lost 30 lbs on this diet. If she can do it so can we. Good luck.