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Extreme Labs is a company that produces supplements for weight loss, meal replacement, and muscle building. They produce powders that can be mixed into shakes, smoothies, water, or any other beverage that the consumer might wish to use. They are not strictly fat burners, though they are designed to help the consumer eat well and stay energized for workouts.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable. All of the products use different ingredients to achieve the aim of building muscle, boosting energy, or replacing meals.

Product Features

Extreme Labs produces supplements that are suitable for both men and women to use in an exercise or meal plan. There are several flavors available, with some examples being strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. Extreme Labs products come in large sizes, ranging from 3 pounds to 7 pounds for a jar of supplement. Many are designed with energy in mind, and have high amounts of protein to help a consumer stay full. That is especially true of the meal replacement products. Though information is not available on all of their products as some might be new products, the customer reviews on the Extreme Labs site are very favorable, especially with regards to the flavors available.

What flavors a customer can get is dependent on the size of jar they purchase. Some flavors are only available in the smaller size or in the larger size, and of course the price is dependent on the size. The jars of Extreme Labs supplements are available for purchase at health retail stores.

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  • Very favorable customer reviews available on the company website.
  • Flavors do not taste artificial; several customer reviews were quick to mention the good flavor of Extreme Labs supplements.


  • Customers cannot purchase directly from the company site, meaning prices can vary depending on where the supplements are purchased.
  • Extreme Labs products are not specifically for weight loss. While they aid in weight loss by replacing meals or boosting energy to help in working out, they do not burn fat like other product. In some cases, because of the protein and calories in the supplements, weight gain may actually result.
  • Not all of the products listed on the website can be viewed, so the information and reviews on the products is limited to what the company has kept updated.


For someone looking for a good supplement to weight lifting or meal replacements, Extreme Labs produces suitable products. That there are products available for both men and women means that any customer may find a suitable supplement to use in his or her exercise routine. However, the supplements do not suppress appetite or burn fat. They give the consumer energy, which may help in burning fat, but Extreme Labs makes supplements and protein mixes, so results in burning fat will be minimal. However, for those seeking protein mixes and meal replacement drinks, who are wanting to build muscle, Extreme Labs have range of products from which to choose.

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    This is a bogus company. Owner is a thief and products are made from his garage. Knew an employee 2 years back and said guy uses loads of sugar in everything.