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Extreme Liver Support is a product for enhancing liver function for all ages. It can be taken by children and adults, and is supposed to provide detoxification to the user. It claims to be useful for anyone who drinks, smokes, takes prescriptions, is overweight, or already has liver problems. Studies posted on the website point to the benefits of having a well-functioning liver and show the benefits of Extreme Liver Support. The supplement used to be used only in doctors’ offices, but now it is available for purchase.

List of Ingredients

Artichoke, sarsaparilla concentrate, silymerin, quercitin, catechin, hesperidin, rutin, cynasin, chlorogenic acid, glycerin, purified water, gelatin.

Product Features

A 90-day supply of Extreme Liver Support costs $24.95. The product can be purchased from the website or from health stores. The product was originally sold in doctors’ offices until it was realized that the product was very beneficial, and could be distributed more widely.

Extreme Liver Support is supposed to help clean the liver and reduce damage from cirrhosis of the liver. It even claims to reduce damage from regular fatty liver. This is especially beneficial to those who are overweight, smoke, or drink heavily. Because the liver is essential for a healthy life, Extreme Liver Support seeks to improve the function of the liver and therefore improve the life of the user. It is not a weight loss aid, but can help a user to overcome some health deficiencies that come from being overweight, drinking, and smoking. The product can also be taken by children, but in a lower dose than adults would need, though it is safe.

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  • Contributes to healthy liver function, which is important for everyone.
  • Removes toxins from the body.
  • Studies are posted on the website..


  • Cannot be taken by pregnant or nursing women.
  • A customer cannot consume anything acidic (including citrus fruit) while taking Extreme Liver Support if he wants to have the whole benefit of taking the supplement.
  • Extreme Liver Support is not a weight loss drug. It can help a consumer be healthy, but it will not contribute to weight loss like a fat burner would.
  • The website seems to go to an extreme in connecting someone not taking Extreme Liver Support with that same person having cirrhosis of the liver.


A healthy liver is important for every person to have. Extreme Liver Support seeks to help the consumer to have a healthy liver. The fact that even children can take Extreme Liver Support in low doses shows that it is a safe product, if a user is not pregnant or nursing. However, it is not a weight loss product and should not be expected to help with weight loss, though the health benefits of a healthy liver may contribute to weight loss for an adult who is able to exercise and eat healthy. For those seeking a natural supplement to improve liver function, though, Extreme Liver Support is a safe and natural product that may be beneficial.

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