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While we were not able to find a website at this time that contains a full report of this product, we were able to locate some information on this product. It appears as though this is actually an energy drink that may be able to increase your energy and help you to burn fat. In this review we will examine the evidence that is available to us so that we may determine if this product can actually help you to lose weight safely and effectively.


High Fructose Corn Syrup, Caffeine and Glucuronolactone.

Product Features

It appears as though the High Fructose Corn Syrup may be used mostly for flavoring, since it is a dietary sweetener that contains the fructose that is derived from corn. This ingredient probably has nothing at all to do with weight loss. In fact, it is loaded with calories. This may also be used in conjunction with the caffeine to give you an energy boost, but it has been shown that there is often a crash when you get a “sugar rush”. Now we will take a look at Caffeine. Caffeine has been known to create thermogenesis, increase your energy, suppress your appetite, and it may be used as a diuretic. And then last, Glucuronolactone. It appears as though this will actually aid in many different areas. It has been stated that it can improve liver function, helps to eliminate toxins from the body, acts as a stimulant, and improves memory retention. It is noted that it is a naturally occurring compound in many plant gums.

It appears as though this product is very similar to the many other energy drinks that are available to us on the market today. They are often advertised as being an energy drink that can help you throughout your busy day. It appears as though it is a pink colored drink that comes in a 16 ounce can. It is supposed to be berry flavored with a refreshing taste. It is advertised as a drink that will dramatically improve your energy levels and metabolism so that it will help your body to burn fat. There was very little more information that was available about this product.

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  • May improve energy levels.


  • Has High Fructose Corn Syrup that is full of calories.


We find it to be highly unlikely that this product can actually burn calories. This is because it is full of High Fructose Corn Syrup. It is probably most likely that if this product does actually burn off any calories at all, that it will only be able to work hard enough to burn the calories that were consumed due to the calories in the corn syrup.

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    I bought the product a number of weeks ago. I opened the packet today and rather than finding a white powder it was congealed and reddish. Is it safe to use?