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Extreme Ripped Force is a product that is being promoted as a body building supplement. The reason that people may be looking at it as a weight loss product may be because it contains an ingredient that has been clinically proven to help you to lose weight. It appears as though it is being marketed by a website that is called The American Body Building. This website may be endorsed by the famous WWE wrestling star, John Cena. Now we will take a closer look at this product so that we may determine just how effective this product may be as a weight loss agent.


Advantra-Z and Guarana Extract.

Product Features

First, we will try to describe the function of Advantra-Z. Advantra-Z is an ingredient that has been found in quite a few weight loss supplements. It also has several names that you may recognize. These names are Citrus Aurantium, Bitter Orange, and Synephrine. It has been proven to contain the ability to increase your energy and metabolism while increasing your body’s fat burning capabilities. This ingredient has been known since 2003 as the safer alternative to Ephedra. Ephedra was a popular weight loss agent that was banned in the United States due to it’s addictiveness and potentially harmful side effects. The harmful side effects include anxiety, hypertension, permanent heart damage, heart attack, stroke, and sudden death. Although some people are saying that Advantra-Z is the safer alternative, studies have shown that it actually does carry some of the same, but less severe side effects as Ephedra.

The next ingredient that we will look at is Gurana. This is an ingredient that is derived from an evergreen tree that is native to the Amazon Rain Forest. It contains a lot of Caffeine and it may be considered to be an energy booster, fat burner, appetite suppressant, and a stimulant. However, it can cause some minor uncomfortable side effects such as jitters, nervousness, and high blood pressure, especially if it is consumed on an empty stomach.

Extreme Ripped Force is a product that is used as a body building and weight loss agent. It is supposed to enhance your body’s fat burning capabilities that are contained in a great tasting drink that may come in several different flavors. It appears as if you are supposed to consume one between each meal, but no more than 3 per day. It is believed that it was designed with the purpose of increasing the intensity of your workout while you burn fat.

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  • May burn fat.


  • Contains an ample amount of stimulants.


Although this product may be effective in losing weight and building muscle, it may not be as safe as some people would like for you to believe. It seems to have even been noted by the Harvard Medical Board that they have no idea why Advantra-Z has not been banned yet.

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  • 1

    hi there been on extreme ripped for 8 days now!!!
    feeling ok no effects apart from the caffeine kicked in’ up till really eurly hrs ,should drop down a dose!to 2 a day instead of 4 a day but yea so far so good,doing bodybuilding….keep you posted ;) matty



    ^^^matty here from above^^^
    yea there did not really much for me’lack of sleep-acne-,
    so there you av it ,


  • 2

    I really wish someone would look into this stuff. It is really habit forming, if not addictive.Expensive, too.