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Extreme Shredder is a product that is being promoted as a weight loss product. The product is being marketed by a company that is known as Worldwide Sport Nutrition. This product may not be directed at people that simply want to lose weight, but more toward people that do body building exercises on a regular basis. In this review we will examine the evidence that is available to us so that we may determine if this product could be effective in helping you to lose weight.


Yerba Mate, Green Tea, L-Tyrosine, Bitter Orange, and Cocoa beans.

Product Features

Yerba Mate is native to South America and is a species of the holly tree. It contains caffeine and it may be used as a stimulant and an appetite suppressant. Green Tea is an ingredient that has many different uses. It is said to contain antioxidants and it may have the capabilities of burning fat. L-Tyrosine is said to have the capability to relieve stress and elevate your mood. It may also have the ability to give your thyroid a boost, enhance your energy, and increase your stamina. It turns out that this ingredient is also an amino acid that is used in protein synthesis. Bitter Orange is also known as Citrus Aurantium, Synephrine, and Advantra-Z. It is considered to be a safe alternative to Ephedra, but some would say that statement is very controversial. It seems as though Bitter Orange has the same alkaloid properties as Ephedra. We believe that the presence of the Cocoa Bean is meant to boost your energy. It comes from the Cacao Tree in South America.

It appears as though this product may not have been designed for the everyday dieter. It may have been designed more for the body building type person. It has certain warnings on the website that states that this product is not healthy for people that are pregnant, nursing, under the age of 18, or have a history of any type of cardiovascular or anxiety related problems. There are also directions that recommend how to take the product.

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  • May burn fat.
  • Gives clear instructions for intended use.


  • Contains combinations of several different types of stimulants and caffeine.


This product was created for body builders. Although it does contain ingredients that are usually found it diet aids, this one recommends that you do not take it unless you are a body builder. The bottom line is that maybe no one should take it because of all of the negative side effects that come with the supplements that contain too many types of caffeine and stimulants.

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