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Extrim Plus is an herbal weight loss supplement that looks vaguely familiar. The ingredient list reads like hundreds of other Asian weight loss supplements, which could mean it is actually the same formula with a different name and packaging. The price for one 30-day supply of Extrim Plus is $16.80. Bulk ordering is supported. If an order is placed for 50 bottles or more, the price is lowered to $8.50 per bottle. This leads us to believe retailers purchase the product for resale.

List of Ingredients

LingZhi, Ebony, Fox-Nut, Tuckahoe, Seman Pruni, Dioscorea, Wheat Germ and Nature Substance.

Product Features

LingZhi may help control blood pressure and blood glucose response. This could mean the ingredient is used as a natural appetite suppressant, but there are no clinical tests to prove this claim. There are no details on the product description stating why this ingredient is included.

Ebony is not an ingredient with any official weight loss connections. We could not find any health benefits associated with this ingredient. Fox-nut is an anti-aging ingredient used in many Asian formulas. It is also commonly used to support male fertility.

Tuckahoe is a fungus that grows underground. The fungus has diuretic properties causing increased urination and dehydration with continued use. Diuretics are not safe for use during weight loss.

Seman pruni is a natural laxative used in Asian weight loss formulas. It is not associated with increased metabolism or fat burning. As a laxative, it will increase bowel movements and may cause temporary weight loss, but the effect will be short term, at best.

Dioscorea is a family of flowering plants. We have no idea which plant is used in the Extrim Plus formula so we don’t known the benefits or risks associated with taking the ingredient for weight loss.

Wheat germ is a good source of fiber and may be used as a natural appetite suppressant. Nature substance in an unknown ingredient.

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  • All ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • Cheaper than comparable products.


  • The same formula is used for many Asian weight loss products.
  • Wholesale orders are allowed so resellers could purchase the product and re-label.
  • No proven weight loss ingredients.
  • No proven appetite suppressants.
  • Unknown ingredients.


Extrim Plus uses a common Asian formula to induce urination and bowel movements. The ingredients are not proven to increase weight loss or fat burn. There are no healthy benefits associated with this product so the low price is meaningless. It is unlikely that the dieter will see weight loss benefits, but they could notice a negative reaction to the diuretic and laxative ingredients within a few days. This reaction could include dehydration and loss of potassium.

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