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It appears as though Exude Fitness is a diet and exercise program that has been designed to help a person to lose weight and shape their body. It appears as if this program was established in 1985, and it is located in New York. This review will be used to take closer look at this program so that a determination of its effectiveness can be made.


It appears as though Exude Fitness has many types of offers. These offers may include weight loss and weight control programs, nutritional counseling, exercise therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, exercise regimens for special populations, sports specific training, children’s fitness program, prenatal and post natal exercises, boxing and self defense, home gym design, Exude’s fitness DVDs videos and equipment, fitness facility design, one on one training, group exercise classes, design of training programs, fitness and motivational seminar, and design of travel programs. It also appears to offer a program through it’s website that is called Fastfitness.

Product Features

It seems that Exude Fitness does not charge any membership fees. It is possibly the world’s only patented exercise program. It appears that it can be customized to meet the needs of any specific body type and shape. Three factors are taken into consideration when a plan is being customized. These factors include the client’s current level of fitness, the present level of motivation, and the client’s budget. It has been stated that this program may be able to help no matter what the needs are. Whether it is being overweight, out of shape, or if the client suffers from any medical or orthopedic constraints, they can be helped. It was also noted at one time that Exude Fitness is the only company that conducts studies of the aesthetic effects of exercise on the human body, thus having their own patented exercise programs. They have many different types of equipment for sale that is supposed to be used in conjunction with their programs so that the dieter can achieve optimum results.

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  • Exude Fitness may be a free program.
  • May be customized to the individual.
  • This program has a patented system.
  • Has a website for support.


  • The clinics are only located in California and New York.
  • Some of the products for sale seem to be irrelevant to the program.
  • May not recommend any type of appetite suppressant.


It appears as though Exude Fitness has been patented for its method. However, there are some people that still believe that the body shape theory lacks certain proof. While it is wonderful and refreshing that this program actually encourages eating healthy and exercise, there may be additional support, such as certain types of supplements, that is needed in order to help the client reach their goals.

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