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If you are struggling to lose weight but have limited time to go to the gym, you may be looking for an at-home substitute for the workout equipment. Having equipment at home is convenient for snatching a workout whenever you have time and eliminating drive time as well as gym fees. One option for home workout equipment is the EZ chin up bar. This equipment allows you to have a sturdy place to do your pull-ups at home or in the office

The EZ chin up bar supposedly hangs above virtually any door. However, some testimonials point out that although the size of the door may not matter, if the door has no “lip” or trim, there is nothing to attach the bar to. The advertisements for this product claim that it will not leave any marks on the door frame. The EZ chin up includes assembly instructions as well as an exercise guide. It is light and portable, weighing about ten pounds, and claims to be very simple to put together. It will hold up to three hundred pounds. Regularly, it costs $29.95 but is easily found online for less. Unfortunately, there are no pictures on the website of before and after photos and no testimonials of significant weight loss without supplement from a regular exercise and diet program.

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Product Features

The EZ chin up allows you to do chin ups, hanging leg lifts, and floating crunches while the bar is hanging from the door frame. The company guarantees that this is a safe product and if used properly, will not result injury. The bar has foam handles for comfort while exercising. You can also use the EZ chin up bar on the floor for sit-ups or pushups

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  • According to the advertisements and testimonials, this product is very easy to assemble.
  • The EZ chin up bar comes with an exercise guide.
  • It is easy to store, unlike a great deal of bulky exercise equipment.


  • Some testimonials said that contrary to advertisements, the EZ chin up did leave marks on door frames.
  • Several customer reviews pointed out that pull ups alone will not contribute very much to weight loss because they are muscle building activities.
  • Pull ups require a lot of upper body strength which may be difficult for a beginner.
  • Doing pull ups, pushups, and sit ups does not burn as many calories as a cardio exercise like jogging.
  • Some customers expressed that they felt the equipment was cheaply made and not sturdy enough.


Exercise is vitally important to weight loss, but it is important to remember which exercises produce the desired affects. The EZ chin up bar seems to be better for building strength than for losing weight. Unless you plan on making pull ups one small part of a larger exercise routine, you should probably look into another product.

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