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What You Should Know

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F-10 fat burner claims to increase metabolism and energy with ingredients like caffeine and sweet red pepper extract. There are a few proven ingredients in the formula, but there is also at least one ingredient that makes this supplement unsafe for some dieters. The official website for F-10 fat burner does not bother to list any clinical studies proving the weight loss or fat metabolism claims. This is common in the supplement industry where it is as simple as relabeling an existing formula and building a website to create a brand new product to sell to the masses trying to lead a fitter, thinner life.

List of Ingredients


  • Quercetin
  • Green Tea
  • Caffeine
  • N-Methyl-Beta-Phenylethylamine
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Hordenine HCL
  • Sweet Red Pepper Extract
  • Coleus Forskohlii

Product Features

The formula for F-10 fat burner is listed as a proprietary blend called F-10 Fat Incinerator, but the company goes on to list each of the ingredients in the blend. There is 275 mg of caffeine per serving. That is more caffeine than an over the counter “no-sleep” pill. Excessive amounts of caffeine can inhibit sleep for up to 12 hours and cause nervousness, anxiety and anger. Taking this into consideration, caffeine is still a proven metabolism booster – there is just too much in this formula.

Green tea is a proven ingredient, just like caffeine, but this time around the formula contains just enough to be proven effective. Green tea contains caffeine and EGCG – both will increase metabolism. The company does not bother to reveal if the green tea is standardized for EGCG, but even without that information, the dieter will likely benefit from the 300 mg of green tea in F-10 fat burner.

The Sweet Red Pepper Extract is a bit confusing. According to the product description, this ingredient increases metabolism by raising internal temperature. This is true of cayenne pepper, not sweet red pepper. There is a good chance this is just another name for cayenne pepper.

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  • All ingredients for F-10 fat burner are listed in label form on the official website.
  • The product contains caffeine and green tea.


  • There is no appetite suppressant in the formula.
  • Too much caffeine can cause negative side effects.
  • Sweet red pepper may be the same as cayenne pepper.


F-10 fat burner is sure to increase energy and heart rate, but the impact of this formula on metabolism may never be realized because the dieter may hate the negative side effects of taking too much caffeine. Too much caffeine means feeling jittery and getting headaches and that’s not what the average dieter is looking for in a supplement.

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