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What You Should Know

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Before you begin taking any weight loss products, it is important to address allergy concerns. If you have a specific allergy, you should consult a licensed physician prior to taking a diet pill that may contain the ingredient you are allergic to. Furthermore, if you are on any medications, it is also important to see a doctor before taking a diet product. This brings us to F Block Xtra, which is the weight loss supplement we will focus on in this review. It contains an ingredient derived from shellfish, so if you have allergies to shellfish, F Block Xtra might not be suitable for you.


  • Vitamin C 100mg
  • Chitosan 1000mg
  • Lipase 300LU
  • Calcium Sulfate 150mg
  • Vegetable Cellulose 100mg

Product Features

F Block Xtra is made by Absolute Nutrition, and it sells for a retail price of $23.98. This dietary supplement is directed to be taken in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet. It is taken three times daily with an eight-ounce glass of water (30 minutes before meals). This is essentially six capsules per day. F Block Xtra is claimed to block fat from being absorbed, improve immune system health, and aid with weight management.

The core ingredient used in F Block Xtra capsules is Chitosan, which is taken from shellfish. This key ingredient attaches to cholesterol and fat in order to pass them through the digestive tract. This way fat and cholesterol do not enter the bloodstream. Lipase and Vitamin C help improve this fat blocking process. Stimulants like Caffeine, and banned ingredients like Ephedra are not found in F Block Xtra. Naturally this product will not block all of the fat and cholesterol you consume.

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  • Dangerous ingredients like Ephedra are not used in this diet product.
  • This weight loss formula contains Vitamin C to support the immune system.


  • This type of fat blocker might cause side effects like bloating and excessive gas.
  • Those with allergies to shellfish should not take F Block Xtra.
  • This weight loss formula does not actively burn off fat.
  • Unlike many diet pills, this product does not suppress hunger.


Blocking fat from being absorbed into the bloodstream is certainly one way to help reduce weight gain. Just keep in mind that this method may also lead to bloating and serious gas. As for F Block Xtra, since this diet pill contains Chitosan, you may want to avoid it if you are allergic to shellfish. Also, if you prefer a diet product that suppresses hunger and actively burns off existing fat, then you should check out alternative supplements. Lastly, it is nice to see that this product contains Vitamin C to support immune system health.

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