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F Blocker is a product that is being promoted as a supplement that may help an over weight person to shed pounds. Instead of burning fat, this one is supposed to block the fat from being absorbed. In this review, there will be an attempt to gather information about F Blocker so its effectiveness may be determined.


While researching F Blocker, a list of ingredients was located that includes either some or all of the ingredients. The ingredients in this product may include Vitamin C, Chitosan, and Lipase.

Prouct Features

It has been noted that Vitamin C may very well be the most useful vitamin that the body. It has been shown to aid in many areas including the cardiovascular system, immune system, reproductive system, and mental health.

Chitosan is a derivative that is found in shellfish. It is theorized that shellfish contains a fiber that may prevent the fat from absorbing into the body. It is supposed to bind with the fat that goes into the system through ingesting it and it prevents the body from absorbing the fat. The claims indicate that it soaks up the fat and allows it to be passed through the digestive system without ever being absorbed. Now we have the Lipase. This is supposed to be an enzyme that helps to break down the fat in the body. Other than this, there was not much else that was found about this particular ingredient.

It appears as though F Blocker claims to be different than a lot of the other products that are available on the market today. Most of the supplements that are available to us today contain ingredients that are supposed to combine together to form a powerful, fat burning agent that can significantly increase the body’s ability to burn fat by increasing its core temperature and enhancing the metabolism. However, this does not seem to be the way that this product works. It seems that F Blocker is supposed to work by absorbing the fat that is ingested while it is still in the small intestine so that it is never absorbed by the body. This is supposed to force the body to live off of its stored fat, ultimately resulting in weight loss.

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  • There does not seem to be any side effects associated with this product.


  • Very little information is available concerning clinical trials and studies.
  • Does not seem to contain any type of appetite suppressants.


It appears as if F Blocker offers a different approach than most other products on the market. However, it does appear to lack a certain amount of proof concerning clinical trials and scientific studies that could confirm its effectiveness. In fact, the studies that were found proved quite the opposite, revealing that this product may have very little effectiveness on weight loss, if it has any at all.

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