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The twenty-first century seems to be increasing in speed and demands. Normal people every day are trying to just keep up, and finding an easy and workable exercise plan seems almost impossible. There are some simple plans out there though. One of them is the F.I.T. formula. This is an exercise formula that is built on 3 basic principles which are overload, progression, and specificity.

The F.I.T. acronym helps the individual to plan his or her exercise. “F” stands for frequency and denotes the number of times the person exercises. “I” stands for intensity, and “T” stands for time spent on exercise.

The purpose of the formula is not specifically for weight loss, and it cannot stand alone as a weight loss routine without other lifestyle changes. Also, a user should consider medical consultation before using the F.I.T. formula if there are any health risks.

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This is not applicable as the F.I.T. formula is an exercise equation that does not contain ingredients.

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In starting with the three principals, the exerciser begins with “overload.” Despite the lexical definition of the term, overload does not mean to do too much exercise. It only means to push the body farther than it is usually pushed. An example of overload could be walking a mile. As time passes, the exerciser continues with “progression.” This means that after a week, he or she would start walking two miles. During this time, he or she would also be applying “specificity.” Specifying the exercise routine would be to do different kinds of exercise for different fitness areas. Examples include bench pressing for muscle building and aerobics for cardio workout.

The F.I.T. formula helps in planning exercise and progression. Frequency helps the individual to determine how often he or she should exercise. Trainers suggest exercising at least three times a week. Intensity includes the amount of exercise and can range from the resistance and sets in muscle building to the heart rate in a cardio workout. Time determines the length of the exercises and should be at least 15 minutes.

Coupled with other weight loss products, the formula is a fairly good graph use. If the person using the F.I.T formula continues progressing, the formula could be a fairly effective method.

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  • The formula is fairly simple and easy to understand.
  • The formula will not change a busy schedule very much.


  • The formula is based on pushing yourself. It does not account for safety issues and would be unsafe for an individual with health issues.
  • The formula is not designed to stand alone. A healthy diet plan would be necessary for the F.I.T. program to be effective.
  • The formula does not contain any additional help. A product with thermogenic fat burners would be recommended to help the F.I.T. formula to be more effective.


For the busy person who would like to get in shape, the F.I.T. formula has potential of being a good option. That said, the program cannot stand alone and the user should possibly be consulted with a doctor.

Coupled with other health and diet aids, the F.I.T. formula is a helpful supplementary tool. It’s somewhat simple method can help individuals reach their weight loss goals.

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