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What You Need To Know

The F- Plan Diet was developed by Audrey Eyton in 1982 and was made available in a book by the same name. This Book “Audrey Eyton’s Extraordinary F- Diet Plan” is currently available online through Amazon for roughly $.01 plus shipping. This book (and therefore this diet plan) has recently been replaced by Audrey Eyton’s new book “The F- 2 Diet”.


The F- Plan Diet consists of a high fiber and low fat diet, purported to help you shed weight healthily without hunger. All that is needed is the book, for use as a manual, and a change in lifestyle and purchase habits.

Product Features

The F- Plan Diet was once a revolutionary weight loss spectacle, but has been replaced with many readily available high fiber alternatives. The thought behind the plan was that with a daily consumption of 1500 calories, or less with the majority of that intake being fiber, would help your body feel full for a longer period of time. This helps in enabling you to consume food less often and lose weight. Another school of thought suggests that fiber is great for the health of the digestive tract itself, so this plan should be doubly effective for overall health. The F- Plan Diet has since been overhauled and revamped as the F- 2 Diet, which touches on the issue of carbohydrates. High fiber diet components usually contain complex carbohydrates, which are regarded as unhealthy in todays weight loss market.

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  • This product was once regarded as a phenomenon, so it has to have benefits.
  • Fiber is beneficial to the function of the human body.


  • There is no available website for this plan.
  • This is a plan, a lifestyle change which requires long- term thinking and will power.
  • This is not a diet supplement and it has no appetite suppressant, no fat burner and no carbohydrate blockers or stimulants.
  • A diet high in fiber often results in excess flatulence.
  • A high fiber diet requires an increase in liquid intake to ward off constipation.


In the end, the book is affordable, and the lifestyle change may be worth it to some, despite the differences in the way the diet industry looks at weight loss these days. We are all just looking for something that works for us. A lifestyle change may be cardinal, but the addition of a supplement which includes a fat burner, an appetite suppressant, and a mild stimulant may be necessary as well.

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5 User Reviews about F Plan Diet

  • 1

    loving this way of eating but am not sure how many fibre units I should have daily!


  • 2

    @carly kilbey
    > how many fat units are in jam?
    Fat has twice the calories of protein and carbohydrates.
    Jam is mostly sugar with a little fibre and both of these are carbohydrates.


  • 3
    Helen Gowans

    I find that my irritable bowel syndrom is being aggrivated by either the bran or the bio yoghurt drink. I dont find this occurs with meusli’s etc. Is there an alternative I can eat at breakfast time?


  • 4
    carly kilbey

    can i eat jam o the F2 diet and if so how many fat units are in jam?


  • 5

    i am 61 yrs old and has tried most of the diets-the F2 diet is the one that suited my lifestyle and worked-love the salads and soups!!