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The F2 Diet is a book written by Audrey Eyton. The book is a follow-up to the 1982 book the F-Plan. The book description on Amazon.com reads more like a sales pitch than a description. According to the information provided, the F2 Diet will detox, slim and promote a better mood all while helping the dieter exchange unhealthy foods for healthy foods for weight loss. These are the same claims every diet book uses to sell a product.

List of Ingredients

Low carb, lower fat, high protein diet.

Product Features

Eyton, a 70-year old author in superb health, denounces the Atkins Diet, but the F2 Diet is based on the same general principles, minus high fat intake. According to Eyton, Dr. Robert Atkins was a creative marketing expert that managed to make tens of millions of dollar by promoting products based on bad diet suggestions. Eyton does not oppose the high protein portion of Atkins, just the high fat and reduced fruit intake portion of the diet.

We looked for more information on the F2 Diet and stumbled across a companion cookbook. Unfortunately, the recipes in the cookbook are evidently a state secret as none are listed in the product description. One reviewer did report that calories and fat are not listed with the recipes. The dieter purchasing the cookbook knows the recipes are allowed on the F2 Diet, but they may want some nutritional information to ensure they are falling within calorie guidelines.

An inside look at the F2 Diet book gives dieters some of the information they need to make a final buying decision. The F2 Diet focuses on high fiber foods like lentils. Healthy bacteria in yogurt form are also part of the plan. There is a complete resource section listing clinical trials and articles supporting information provided in the F2 Diet book. Eating a high fiber diet is not something that can be rushed. Dieters need to start out slow and add fiber little by little over a period of a month or more to prevent bloating, gas and pain.

The F2 Diet book sells for less than $5 with shipping and handling from Amazon.com.

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  • Encourages healthy eating for weight loss.
  • High protein, high fiber, lower fat eating plan.
  • Recipe companion book available.
  • Costs less than other self-help books.


  • Not as successful as the F Plan diet book by the same author.
  • Reducing fat intake may cause hunger.
  • Diet is high in fiber and recipes could contain too much fiber for the average dieter.


The F2 Diet may be a healthy choice for weight loss but there is very little information online about the program. We did deduce the author supports high protein, high fiber, lower fat and low carbohydrate eating.

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    Why is the f2 cookbook not widely available the only one I could see was . On Amazon for £20 second hand.