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Face Doctor Rx was created by Chinese doctors after they discovered a parasite that causes a reddish, lumpy complexion, and thinning hair. This parasite is called human demodex, and it looks much like a microscopic worm. It is able to grow to full size in just ten short days, and cause acne breakouts, thinning hair, rashes, and skin aging.

This product contains ingredients intended to minimize the growth of human demodex, as well as control the damage that these parasites cause. It is manufactured in soap form, as well as a shampoo for hair and scalp. The ingredients are all herbal, and many customers have achieved positive results. It is very easy to use, and it does not require a significant change in lifestyle to use it. Although many people have experienced good results, there are also those that have been disappointed. Also, the company does not offer a money back guarantee, and that is a must for many potential customers.

List of Ingredients

This product contains Seabuckthorn Oil, water, polyoxyethylene, fatty alcohol, sodium sulfate, ethanolamine dodecyl sulfate, and sodium dodecyl sulfate.

Product Features

Face Doctor Rx claims that it will eliminate the human demodex parasite, and give you fuller hair while restoring a natural color to your face. Their product is available in shampoo form for controlling hair thickness where the parasites have damaged hair follicles, and in a soap form for controlling Rosacea, a skin disease.

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  • This product is very easy to find online, and is available from a variety of online merchants.
  • Face Doctor Rx has all natural herbal ingredients, which makes it safe on hair and skin.


  • There are very few reviews for this product, and several of the reviews listed had no results, or even negative results.
  • Also, Face Doctor Rx has an artificial fragrance in it which may cause an allergic reaction, but this is not listed on the bottle. It could potentially cause a fatal allergic reaction if someone with allergies were to purchase it, as it does not have a warning label.
  • This product is not FDA approved, and this is a concern for many.
  • At a suggested retail price of $38.99 for the shampoo, it is fairly expensive for a shampoo.
  • This shampoo does not have a money back guarantee if it does not produce results.


Chinese scientists have found the cause of thinning hair in many people, as well as one of the causes of Rosacea. They have created an all-herbal product called Face Doctor Rx that is meant to help fight this problem. However, many of the product testers have had little or no results. Although many people have benefitted, the results are not definitive, and there is no guarantee that you will see results. Overall, it is a good idea for a product, but they have not gotten the product to work effectively.

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