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Facedrink is an energy drink marketed as a product connected with Facebook. There are references to Facebook all over the product description and there is even reference to the fact that Facebook may pull the product as soon as they recognize the fact that the drink is clearly based on Facebook lingo. We found an ingredient list and a price for the drink, but we are unsure if the product is real or just another energy drink with a Facedrink label applied to the bottle.

List of Ingredients


  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B12
  • Folic Acid
  • Taurine
  • Caffeine
  • Green Tea
  • Guarana

Product Features

Facedrink is quite the energy drink. The ingredient list shows a massive amount of vitamin C, vitamin B and folic acid. All of the active ingredients in Facedrink are part of a proprietary blend that contains 1,450 mg. There is no mention of how much of each ingredient is added to the proprietary blend. The product description does not list how much caffeine is in one Facedrink either. Each Facedrink is 2.5 ounces, which is extremely small so this is more of a shot than a drink.

After reading the label, which says the product is a social drink that you will like – reference to liking on Facebook – we still have no idea if the product is real or just a ploy. There is really a listing for the drink and a price. There is really an ingredient list with viable ingredients, but there is also a testimonial from someone who claims they started using the product because all of their friends were Facedrinking.

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  • There is a complete ingredient list for Facedrink.
  • The energy drink may increase energy with caffeine.
  • Caffeine is often added to weight loss supplements and energy drinks.
  • There is no added sugar or carbohydrates in Facedrink.


  • We are unsure if Facedrink is real.
  • One of the comments on the product claim the user played Farmville for six days straight.
  • The name of the energy drink is trademarked – could be another play.


Facedrink may be a real, honest to goodness energy drink or it could be a ploy. The picture of the bottle is clearly created on a computer and the testimonials are all fake, but the ingredient list is realistic and there is a place to order the drink. When we added Facedrink to our cart we were taken to a checkout page. One shot costs $2.79 plus shipping and handling. If this is a real product we wonder how long it will be until Facebook steps in or does Facebook own the product.

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