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Celebrity Nutritionist Elizabeth Gibaud wrote the Facial Analysis Diet. The book has a foreword written by Kate Winslet who advocates the program because she was able to lose her 50 pregnancy pounds by following the diet. The book is based on German biochemistry studies reflecting on facial analysis. It says that by looking closely at the face, you can tell the condition of the body’s internal organs. If you see changes in coloration, wrinkles, markings, or lines, this is an indication of change and imbalance of minerals.

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The first part of Facial Analysis Diet discusses the diet’s principles and outlines the importance of the twelve most important minerals the body needs. After this, you will complete an evaluation to determine your facial type. With your type in hand, you can then look at the list of foods you should be eating, as well as the foods you should stay away from. When you know the foods you should not eat, you can increase your energy levels and therefore make weight loss easier. Some facial sign descriptions are provided, and then you are told what they mean for your health. As an example, if you see your pores are open, it indicates that you may have too much acid in your body. If you have puffy or red cheeks, you may be intolerant to dairy. The program is two weeks and two days long, with two days of a detox specific to your facial type, and two weeks everyone follows no matter what type you are. People are told to avoid processed carbs, and to eat whole grain breads, pastas, and rice. You should also avoid caffeine because it can cause side effects, and do not use alcohol because it will dehydrate you.

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  • The Facial Analysis Diet is customized based on what each individual sees.
  • This program promotes people eating more healthy foods including fresh produce and whole grains.
  • Many dieters will be able to lose weight following this plan.


  • Most of the meals are low calorie, more specifically during the two day detox at the start of the program.
  • The diet plan is bland, and meals are “boring.”
  • There are many different foods which must be cut out of the diet completely.
  • There are some foods the book recommends which may be hard for everyone to find.
  • There are no plans for vegetarians.
  • If you cannot find organic fruits and vegetables, you must use supplementation.
  • This plan does not encourage exercise.
  • The book makes claims not supported by science.


The Facial Analysis Diet is not as customized as it sounds. The only part of the program you follow based on your face type is the two day detox. The remainder of the program is the same for all face types. We caution against this program if you want to lose weight.

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