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The desire to lose weight sometimes overpowers good decision making skills. If a dieter is tired of trying this diet or that supplement, they may turn to a plan that makes extraordinary claims with little or no life change. These are often considered Fad Diets. Fad Diets are not created by professionals in the fields of nutrition or medicine, most of the time, and may use unhealthy techniques to increase weight loss. Some of the most recognized Fad Diets include the cabbage soup diet, master cleanse and lemonade diet.

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Diets with unhealthy menu plans or supplementation and extraordinary weight loss claims.

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There is nothing food about Fad Diets. Most often, menu plans and supplementation offered with a Fad Diet description are based on incomplete research or no research at all. Imagine a person looking through the Internet and picking out the most outrageous claims and packaging them together as a unique, effective weight loss program. This is how most fad diets are created.

When no medical or clinical research is used to test and perfect a diet plan, dieters are often left with outrageous instructions and unhealthy side effects. The Lemonade Diet, for instance, involves liquid fasting, severe calorie restriction and use of natural laxatives for weight loss. The body does not react kindly to starvation and using laxatives for weight loss is a short-term solution that could lead to dependence and dehydration or death.

Another of the more popular Fad Diets is the cabbage soup diet. This diet is based on a strict menu plan that includes eating as much cabbage soup, created with a given recipe, as desired. The cabbage soup can have a laxative effect and the restricted diet does not supply all nutrients and vitamins needed.

Dieters should avoid Fad Diets whenever possible. Recognizing a Fad Diet can be difficult, but dieters can watch for extraordinary claims of huge weight loss totals and severe diet restrictions. If these are present in the diet plan being researched, skip it and find a whole food plan with all the necessary vitamins, nutrients, fats, carbohydrates and proteins needed for good health.

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  • Fad Diets are often free online.


  • Fad Diets require extreme food restriction, in most cases.
  • The diets are not proven to increase weight loss over long-term use.


Losing weight will improve health and may help a dieter feel better both physically and emotionally. When a Fad Diet makes unrealistic claims, the dieter may jump into the plan head on only to find the food restriction or lack of nutrients leaves them feeling worse rather than better. A whole food diet with fewer processed foods and more vegetables, fruits and whole grains paired with a proven weight loss supplement is much healthier in the short and long run.

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