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What You Need To Know

Fahrenheit is a weight loss supplement geared specifically towards women to counteract the natural occurrence of a slowing metabolism. It is developed and marketed by Biotest, there was no direct link to their website found at this time. The only Biotest Facility I found was a medical plasma company.


A7- E Super Thermogenic Gel 30/ 50 [Lauroyl macrogol- 32 glycerides, p- methylcarbonylrthylphenol, Sclaremax (propietary sclareolide) 3, 17- dihydroxy- delta- 5 etiocholane- 7- one- diethylcarbonte, yohimbine HCL, piperine] and caffeine. As if that wasn’t enough, it also contains gelatin, FD&C Red #40, FD&C Yellow #6, and titanium dioxide.

Product Features

It is suggested that the A7- E compound works to activate the thyroid gland, and stimulate the production of the female hormones necessary to naturally increase metabolism. Although this product is made to target women, none of the ingredients are actually gender specific.

Each year after her 18th birthday, a woman gains half a pound of fat and loses a half pound of valuable lean muscle. As a result of this, ten years later she weighs the same, but is less substantial. The hard- body she had, has become more of a soft body. This is due to a natural slow in the metabolic rate that occurs around the eighteenth year. It happens to every lady, but the good thing is the Fahrenheit formula may be able to help. Fahrenheit contains a naturally thermogenic compound that can stimulate a woman’s metabolism and help burn fat deposits and rebuild lean muscle tissue. The formula also has a built in deterrent to help lessen the cravings for carbohydrate rich foods.

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  • A bottle is good for one month and the price ranges anywhere from $15 to $40.
  • Fahrenheit contains a fat burner, an appetite suppressant and a stimulant.
  • The product can be used along with an exercise plan that is available at the site.


  • Fahrenheit contains more than one strong stimulant.
  • No supplement should have more than one stimulant if any one of them functions as described.
  • This product actually has nothing in it to specifically help a woman more than a man.
  • There are few testimonials available online.


Fahrenheit, in conjunction with a restricted dietary intake and an exercise regimen, may be quite effective at removing unwanted fat deposits. The formula specifies that weight building is a good thing for a woman, even though society has earmarked it for men only. Women are asked to build lean muscle deposits, to enhance curvature and overall health. If you don’t have time to incorporate a healthy diet and exercise regimen, you may just want to pick up a supplement that includes a fat burner, a mild stimulant and an appetite suppressant.

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    I tried it worked good I lost a lot and with just one bottle I wanted to get another bottle but I could not find it in stores I loved it if I could I would get another bottle