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What You Should Know

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Fake Bake is a self tanning lotion that supplies a guarantee to turn the palest skin into a more satisfying bronze tan. Unlike most self tanners, this product actually enhances your own skin pigments rather than staining your skin. The secret is an exclusive secret formula that penetrates your skin and directly affects your natural pigmentation.

Many of their customers have been satisfied by this product, and have seen their skin evolve into a tanner, healthier looking complexion. They have been astounded at the results, and continue to use this product. There are however some disadvantages as well. It can cause increased risk while exposed to UV rays, and can ultimately lead to skin cancer. One major advantage is that it comes with a money back guarantee. This is an essential factor to earning customer trust.

List of Ingredients

This product contains many ingredients such as Deionized Water, Dihydroxyacetone, ethoxydiglycol, Caprylic, Capric Trigluceride,and Octyl Palmitate. These ingredients are safe for the most part, and do not cause any side effects in and of themselves. However, when combined with UV rays they may lead to permanent skin damage and possibly even skin cancer.

Product Features

Fake Bake is a tanning product that helps men and women achieve a natural tan look. It enhances the body’s preexisting pigments as opposed to coloring the skin. This product seems to work well, and many customers have been satisfied with the initial results, but the results fade after a few days once you stop using the product.

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  • This product causes a more natural looking tan than many other product.
  • Fake Bake does not cause damage to the user’s skin unless he is over-exposed to UV rays.
  • This product comes with a money back guarantee, and this gives the customer more trust for the company in knowing that his money will be refunded if he does not see results.


  • With extended use and exposure to UV rays this product can increase the user’s risk to skin cancer.
  • Results vary from individual to individual, and tend to fade after a few days.
  • Your tan looks great after using Fake Bake, but after taking a shower or swimming, your skin is only slightly darker than when you started.
  • This tan is also messy, and can cause stains on other items such as towels, bed sheets, or clothing.


This product is great for a natural looking tan that does not turn the skin orange. Fake Bake does give you a great looking tan at first, but after a few days, or a shower, the tan wears off. Also, the long term effects can be very dangerous and even potentially fatal. Overall, this product produces great short term results, but cannot produce long lasting results, and the risks just do not seem to be worth it.

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