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What You Should Know

The Fast Food Fix was created and written by New York Times bestselling author, Devin Alexander, in hopes to continue the fight against obesity that is sweeping across our nation. She is the author of other highly praised books including, The Biggest Loser Cookbook and The Biggest Loser Family Cookbook. The Fast Food Fix is a book composed of several recipes that are much leaner and healthier but are still based on your favorite fast food meals. Devin is someone who has successfully lost 55 pounds throughout the years and has maintained it and continues to spread the word to people that you don’t have to stop eating the foods you enjoy to live a healthy lifestyle. Devin has found several delicious recipes that ultimately replace the fat and calorie overload that are often contained in most fast food items.


Not Applicable. The Fast Food Fix is sold in several bookstores and online.

Product Features

The Fast Food Fix contains 75 recipes on how to essentially transform your favorite fast food meals into smarter, healthier versions that contain the nutrients that you need to maintain and even lose weight. By using the special seasonings and sauces that Devin recommends it even makes the normal fast food dish even more appealing and flavorful. Some of the tips she gives is how to get rid of typical fatty dishes like chicken fingers, French fries and onion rings by cooking them in the oven which is proven to get rid of at least 35 grams of fat per serving. Other recommendations for cutting the calories are substituting turkey meat instead of pork, using whole wheat bread, and low fat/fat-free cheeses. All regular fast food chains are included in The Fast Food Fix, therefore leaving you with a variety of different choices. Each recipe contains the full nutritional facts of the recipes as well as the facts of each fast food dish.

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  • Includes healthy options to replace fatty, low-nutrient foods that fast food chains typically offer.
  • Is able to satisfy fast food cravings.
  • Devin Alexander is a praised author who has also successfully lost and maintained her weight.


  • Most recipes take longer to prepare than going to a drive thru – may not be ideal for people on the run.
  • Must have the desire to cook in order to follow the recipes.
  • Book does not recommend an exercise routine.


The Fast Food Fix is a healthier way to enjoy all of the fast food meals that most people like to indulge in a little too often. With over 75 recipes, you are able to have a variety of different meals regularly without having to suffer the consequences of going to a drive thru.

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