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What You Need To Know

Dr Gillian McKeith’s Fast Formula Slim Plan is widely available through online retailers. After an exhaustive search, I have been unable to pin down an exact manufacturer or distributor website. All retailers offer purchase, returns and contact information as per their individual sites.


One vegetable based Fast Formula Slim capsule provides 250 mg of Walnut bark, 100 mg almonds, 80 mg of lemon balm, 50 mg of vitamin C and 47 mg of magnesium citrate. Walnut bark when dried is a useful purgative. Almonds are high in protein, vitamin B2, vitamin E, copper, niacin, fiber, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc, and is also rich in monounsaturated fat- one of the “good” fats that may be able to lower bad cholesterol levels. Lemon balm is mild sedative, Vitamin C is notorious for it’s immune system boosting, nd Magnesium citrate is often used as a laxative.

Product Features

Dr Gillian McKeith is in high demand by Olympic athletes, the Royal Family and Hollywood stars for being an internationally acclaimed clinical nutritionist and Director of the McKeith Research Centre in London, England. She has a two year waiting list for new clients due to her notoriety. She has used her skills and knowledge to create the Fast Formula Slim Plan with a fast acting plant based formula for use as part of a quick safe and effective weight loss plan. Consumers are advised to take two capsules daily for ten days, then one capsule daily in conjunction with the enclosed Ten Step Weight Loss Plan.
These ingredients account for a super cleansing laxative product.

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  • This is a laxative formula that works as a colon cleanse to help remove buildup of non essential wastes in the intestines.
  • Fast Formula Slim is an all natural plant based formulation, suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike.


  • Fast Formula Slim is a laxative product. It would not be a good idea to take this if traveling or away from a restroom facility.
  • This product does not contain a fat burner, an appetite suppressant or a stimulant.
  • This product is recommended for use with an extensive diet and exercise plan and according to some seller sites, a separate product as well.


It is not a healthy practice to resort to the use of laxatives as a weight loss method. Fast Formula Slim includes more than one strong laxative agent in it’s formula. The inclusion of essential and healthy vitamin C is not enough to justify the use of this product, even if it is used as a part of a diet and exercise regimen. A lifestyle change, both diet and exercise centered, is best when approaching a significant amount of weight loss- although the inclusion of a supplement with an appetite suppressant, mild stimulant and fat burner may provide extra incentive to reach lofty goals.

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