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Do you know what your weight loss goal is? This is an excellent place to begin. It will help you find and choose the right diet, pill, program, or supplement to meet your individual needs. In this review, we will further examine the Fast Track to Fat Loss program, which is found online.

As for what the Fast Track to Fat Loss system consists of, you basically receive your own customized workout plan, as well as a customized nutrition plan. This is so you will know what exercises to do, and what foods to focus on in your diet. There are a number of before and after photos presented on the official website to support Fast Track to Fat Loss.

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Fast Track to Fat Loss is a weight loss and fitness program that involves acquiring your very own personal trainer. According to the official website, the primary ingredient to real weight loss is a personal trainer. When you acquire the assistance of a trainer through the Fast Track to Fat Loss program, you are held accountable for your progress, motivated daily to work out, receive answers to all of your fitness and weight loss questions, and receive a custom tailored plan just for you. If you take a look at the official website for this program, you will see four different videos with personal trainer photos on them. To get started, you essentially choose a personal trainer, and then enter your first name, email address, and sex to confirm your selection. At this point, you will receive one-on-one personal coaching. As stated on the website, it is free for 10 days, and then it costs you a fee. Unfortunately the amount Fast Track to Fat Loss costs is not disclosed.

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  • Daily exercise is a wonderful way to lose unwanted pounds.
  • Regular nutrition and healthy eating is part of the Fast Track to Fat Loss program.


  • The actual cost of the Fast Track to Fat Loss program is not disclosed.
  • There are no convenient supplement formulas involved with this weight loss program.
  • This type of system may call for a drastic lifestyle change, which some dieters may not like.
  • There is no 100% money-back guarantee provided with this program.


How you go about dieting or losing weight really just depends on your personal preferences, daily schedule, and ultimate weight loss goals. In regards to Fast Track to Fat Loss, this appears to be a beneficial program in a way. After all, it does encourage dieters to get active. Regular exercise is certainly good for weight loss and overall health. However, for those interested in a dietary supplement, this is not the right weight loss approach for you. On the down side, there is no mention of how much the Fast Track to Fat Loss program costs.

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    Buyer Beware

    I thought Fast Track to Fat Loss by Chad Tackett and Kim Lyons looked like a good program but the website is not fully operational and lacks support. I would caution anyone considering it so you don’t lose money too. I purchased the program and received a confirmation email for my registration but have not been able to access the Meal Planner (reason I purchased)or receive support. I click the link and it just shows a video on how to use the planner without providing access. Comments on the site reveal I’m not the only one who has had this struggle. Overall however, the “community” board appears rather staged. It does contain some comments and complaints about the program without responses. My assigned “trainer” has not responded to me and also has a page with complaints and no responses.

    Trying to call has provided no results as I get put on a lengthy hold until a recording comes on asking me to leave a message at the beep. The beep doesn’t sound like it’s part of an actual recording system, rather like it was recorded as part of the message. It also doesn’t sound like my message is recording, just like dead air. I have since discovered other warnings posted online but they are really buried. I really don’t know if this was a legitimate site at one time as there are some positive reviews that date back. It is set up for affiliates to use as a business opportunity however which could taint the reviews. If you still want to pursue it, you may want to see for yourself if they ever answer their phone 866-796-7204. Apparently the best way to cancel is to call your bank and cancel your credit card.


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    How do I cancel my subscription