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The Fasting Diet is a cleansing and detoxifying diet that recommends you should fast twice a year, for a period of one week each time. There are many different fasting and juice diets which claim to help you lose weight, enough to jump start a better diet and exercise plan because you will be motivated to continue by the results on the scale.

List of Ingredients

No ingredients, but limitations on food and drink during the fasting period.

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The Fasting Diet has three different phases: The pre-fast phase, the juice fast phase, and the reintroduction of food. For the first three days of the fast, you’ll need to eat plenty of foods that are rich in fiber. You’ll remove all fat and protein from your diet and drink around three quarts of juice and water each day. During the next five days, you will only consume vegetable juice, with very limited amounts of fruit juice. The remainder of the week, you will slowly reintroduce food back to your body so as not to shock it.

You are encouraged to keep the juices as organic as possible, though this may get expensive. When you reintroduce food, it is suggested that this also be completely organic, and eaten in raw form whenever possible. The longer you stick to organic foods, the better.

Exercise is suggested while doing the fasting diet, though with the low caloric intake, energy levels may not allow for any exercise, and especially will not allow for strenuous exercise. The point is that any amount of exercise will help, and will get you into a routine that will allow for more exercise after food has been reintroduced.

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  • Will detoxify and cleanse the body.
  • Short period of time, one week, twice a year.


  • Very low caloric intake.
  • Daily enemas.
  • Constipation.
  • Lacks a lot of very important nutrients.


The Fasting Diet is something that is very hard to commit to, and the first few days will be the worst. You should see a doctor before beginning this diet to make sure you are healthy enough to go through with it. It is very true that the foods we purchase from the grocery store are packed with hormones and other chemicals that are not necessarily good for the body, so a detoxification would not hurt. Experts say the organic food will get expensive, and if you can afford it, will be an excellent investment. If you can get past the daily enemas and the tired feeling of the first few days, it is something worth doing before changing over to a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet with good exercise.

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  • 1

    i use the green tea fat burner and i lost 6 pounds in the first 5 days with diet and exersice


  • 2

    i Got the Sauna Twin Belt and i used it but it dosen’t work like i though dose the sauna twin work???


  • 3

    it wraw fruits and veggies.orks. cayenne and and teas.raw almonds and half an avocado it has all the omegas and healthy fats. poached salmon is the key then broil a little.voila…minneolas i love .


  • 4
    Carmela Newton

    I am fasting drinking water and juice only. (Daniel Fast) Can I also eat peanuts along with the juice and water?



    raw only and a small handful remember nuts are fattening.brainwash yourself raw, nosalt and you’ll see results pronto!